Scripts for doujinshi

Hey guyd does someone make scripts for doujinshi because i have seen some and ut is interesting to me

I don’t recall seeing any.
Could always raise a script request and see if anyone else is interested?
Or have a go yourself, you don’t need to be accurate due to the lack of animation and you can probably repeat a lot of actions, should be somewhat quick to make.

On another note… I do hope you’re not going to flood the Request section with NTR or videos of 177013… :slight_smile:

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Was it this?
The Rumored Woman (Hentai Manga Dub) - Scripts / Free Scripts - EroScripts


I wouldnt do that 177013 is just for new readers

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Yes thanks

I literally had this thought last night after having the handy for a couple of weeks. I’m going to make a few videos to be scripted

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