Scripts playing differently depending on site/software used

I’m starting to make a lot more scripts and like to test them before sharing. When I tested a script a made recently, I noticed that when I uploaded the script and video to both Handy Feeling and the Handy played the script at almost half speed. It was like it had been put into safe mode and all movements were smaller and slower than I’d scripted.

Then when I tried the exact same script with Handy Control it played the script exactly as I’d scripted it. Does anyone know why the script was playing so slowly and tamely on those two sites?

Thank you in advance for any help with this issue :pray:t3:


I brought this up to someone the other day. I personally prefer handy control over anything else. It’s the only player that doesn’t drop the movements of my scripting. I was having the exact same issue you were until I switched over, all of my scripts were better, no delay and, the proper speed. I don’t know the reasoning behind it, but it’s for sure my go to for any script now.

Might start adding “best played with handy control” or “made with handy control in mind” into my script notes.


Thanks for replying and I’m glad I’m not the only one that is experiencing this issue. Really want to know why its happening because it must be affecting others and I don’t want to have to explain that scripts only work on one software as it must be the same for everyone’s Funscripts. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of it. When you use Handy Control, are you able to sync it to a video player? I use VLC and it would be great if I could sync it to that when it downloads and plays it on the Handy.

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Any plans doing vr scripts?

Yes, I sync Handy Control to MPC-BE x64 and it works smoothly each time. It also made MPC my new fav video player lol.

I agree with you though I’d rather not have to make and test multiple scripts on different softwares, I don’t think enough people have tried multiple players to see/feel the difference.


When you use Handy Control, are you able to sync it to a video player? I use VLC and it would be great if I could sync it to that when it downloads and plays it on the Handy.

To my knowledge, you can’t connect VLC to HandyControl, and it isn’t planned either.

But MediaPlayerClassic is supported, which is what I’ve ended up using.

–To add MediaPlayerClassic sync:

  • Download MediaPlayerClassic
  • Open HandyControl
  • Right-Click anywhere on the window
    – Settings
    – Video Player
  • Select MediaPlayerClassic

–Then, under that, set the path for the .exe

  • As long as you downloaded MPC that I linked above, it should open the folder automatically, and you just select the .exe
    – If it doesn’t show up right away, the .exe is located in [Windows(C:) → Program Files → MPC-BE x64]
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Yeah I’ve come to appreciate MPC after using it all this time too lmao

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Not positive, but I’m guessing you’re seeing the Handy default to short strokes on startup. You need to press the top button repeatedly until the LED blinks red. Local scripting software seems to override this behavior, but via the site, it is still respected. So the script will be scaled according to the stroke length, which on power-on defaults to something below the maximum stroke length (probably somewhere in the middle). Once you set the stroke to max, it should stay there until powered off.

Thank you for all the replies and I will probably end up downloading MPC as a work around until I can figure out what the issue is on the other sites.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah I tried that as that was something that caught me out in the distant past but I maxed out the top button and it was at its biggest stroke length. Weirdly if I pressed down it would get even slower, almost to a crawl. I am sure I have used those two sites before and the script played fine so I’m wondering if its something to do with the latest firmware or a temp issue that some of us are having. I just worry that any script I’ve made and plan sharing in future will be played at a 1/4 of their intended speed and intensity.

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I never knew that was a thing lol. But it does explain why handcontrol feels better compared to others.

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Yeah I do wonder how many are downloading and using scripts that are getting played a lot slower than intended from some sites. Never had any issues with HandyControl or DeoVR.

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