Selling brand new Nobra 'Twincharger' in Europe

I would like to sell my brand new Nobra ‘Twincharger’. (The strongest male vibrator)

I’ve found that this isn’t my thing after all.
I have only used it once and with a sleeve, so it never got dirty. Yet it has been cleaned with toy cleaner.

It is with digital controller and European plug. Color is Black - Turquoise FX.
Everything is in a nice case and can be shipped in a neutral box within Europe.
I’m from Belgium. My E-mail:

Retail price was € 303 with 10 weeks delivery time.
I want 210€ (including shipping in Europe) for it, or give me a nice offer…
It is also possible to pay with crypto

Here are some pictures…


The outstanding stimulating effect is based on our innovative double vibration interference effect. The separately adjustable massive vibrations of the two 12 Volt motors are superimposed by the mechanical coupling along the massive base and your penis, resulting in an enormously strong, very variable pulsing due to mutual periodic amplification and damping. Depending on the set speed difference and overall intensity, it twitches, flutters and throbs incredibly orgasmically, this device is a real milking machine! Absolutely comfortable and pleasant with plenty of possibilities for a completely freehand application.


The fully electronic ‘NobraControl’ allows a highly variable rhythmic control via touch buttons, as well as via bluetooth the connection and control through the computer, mobile / smartphone and over the Internet.

The variable parameters for the touch-key-controlled pulsation are its wavelength and amplitude, as well as the change between the waveforms ‘Rectangle’, ‘Sinewave’, ‘Sawtooth left’ and ‘Sawtooth right’. In addition, up to three more complex ‘stimulation sequences’ can be retrieved. For these stimulation sequences, the software NobraControl 3.1 provides an editor, via which a completely free programming and then storage in the internal memory of the digital control part can be made.

Other modules of the software ‘NobraControl 3.1’ allow further refined control options, i.a. e.g. also the control over sound. The ‘traviesadora’ software is used to control via the Internet. Bluetooth also allows easy remote control (about 12 m range) via app on smartphone or mobile phone.

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New price… 210€ including shipping in Europe.

Hi, I would buy it, but I have a hard time trusting this how can we do it

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I have send you a PM. :+1:

I get no response from @Samusaran73 :man_shrugging:

…So it is still for sale…

Hi handyman,

Still have it for sale?
I’m interested!

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Yes still for sale…
PM send :+1:

Hi, is it still for sale?

Sorry, this one has just been sold to Stefertje :man_shrugging:

Sold :+1: …topic closed

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