Selling SR6+Twist+T-Valve - AUSTRALIA

Selling a SR6+ with Twist and T-Valve Mods.
Purchased from FUN SR6 that has the low noise brushless motors. 3 months old and works perfectly (happy to send script demo), only selling as my current living arrangements don’t allow for use.

Comes with;

  1. SR6, Twist, T-Valve
  2. Desk Mount
  3. Power and USB Leads
  4. Sleeve Holder

All up set me back $780 AUD to import - PM me with your offer.

Everything is cleaned, disinfected and in perfect working condition.
Will be sent via registered post upon clearance of funds.

Im a freelance dev that makes AI/LLM solutions. If you want your own custom chatbot, voice model, or whatever and want to trade let me know. I can show you a portfolio, website of my work. These are considerably more expensive, but I’ll trade you straight across.

I originally reported this as spam… but upon re-reading it it rather might not be, especially given your account isnt like two days old and its actually in context to the post, not sure how to un-report it, Admins plz unspam report if you see this.

yeah def not spam i actually am a freelance dev making ai for people. Theyre pretty cool, expensive as hell but I can make one that can do anything you want. Hes selling an expensive device so i figured maybe he would want to trade. All good though no harm no foul