Selling The Handy for 70€ (Europe)

Hey guys,

I got my handy only a few days ago but I already realized that this interactive vr porn stuff is too intense for me. I’m not doing important things because of it which is a personal red flag.

Therefore I want to get rid of it ASAP and sell it for 70€ from Germany. Shipping up to 5€ included. If you’re somewhat established in this forum, you can send me the money after you received the package.

I won’t send the sleeve (unless you want it), but you can order it for a cheap price from the Handy website directly. Besides that, everything is included and I even have the original packaging.

Please let me know quickly if you’re interested. The first one will get it. Thanks


I’m interested , do you ship to Belgium ?

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Yes, I will send you a private message.

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for everyone interested, it is still available


Still up for sale lol

Dude, why rid yourself of this treasure… just use it to help control yourself, reward self for good time management and multitasking etc. You might regret it especially now as things get exciting with firmware updates, mounting, VR partnerships with great producers like CzechVR and Sensesporn! C’mon buddy, you made the decision to buy and try, if outside the 14 days to return, seriously keep for another time- you have to be old enough to be able to control yourself to have been able to have purchased this right?

Each to their own. I personally made the decision that I don’t want interactive vr porn to be a part of my life, and that I don’t need The Handy on it’s own.

The 14 days return right only holds for non-used products, that’s why I’m trying to re-sell directly.

Fair enough, but as to returns maybe contact

As I think you are wrong - You can try and return, no questions asked refund policy.

You can see it here too - The Handy — Sex toy that revolutionizes masturbation

I contacted them earlier. No questions asked only if it’s not used yet lol. The slogan is kinda misleading, but on the other side it’s obvious that they won’t take back a used sleeve.

Hmm, that’s really misleading then!

I totally get why they would not accept a used sleeve back, but how would you know you dont like the device without trying it first? Who buys a device like this, just looks at it for two weeks and thinks to themselves, ‘I dont think I like this thing, I am just going to ship it back for a full refund’.

SweetTech needs to get their ish together here. No questions asked lol

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This is really odd and doesn’t fit with what is stated on the satisfaction guarantee as to return everything (if you wished to) except the sleeve. See here:

Where it is clearly stated. The tone of all of this is you can trial it, with the sleeve, and if you are not happy, return it.

Have you contacted yet stating this?

This is the first shred of anything anti-Handy/Sweet tech, that I have come across so obviously have doubts that need to be tested before accepted ironically just as some need to test the Handy to accept it, or not in your case.

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Okay I have to clarify things here. I didn’t order from The Handy directly but from a retailer and it were them who told me about accepting returns only if unused. Sorry for being unprecise, I don’t want to shed bad light on Sweet Tech. Just wanted to give a quick response here as I don’t want to spend too much time here texting with people who aren’t even interested in buying mines.

Now as I read this, I should have ordered from The Handy directly ofc :roll_eyes: Pretty cool offer from them

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Most users here already have a toy and new users find the site when they search for new scripts for their toys. You should just wait some time for new people to join to find information. And maybe some others want to get a backup unit :slight_smile:

The missing sleeve can be replaced easily.

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Thanks for clarifying.

I have been nothing but fully impressed by this company. Their attention to their customer is top notch. I dont suppose you’d be waiting too long to find a buyer.

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Lucifie is right, people here are very likely to already have a Handy and the Handy comes with a 1 year warranty, so may not need another for a while - unless wanting to use in some kind of double handy sync setup or swap out after use or simply have one in a seperate mount or room.

Anyhow, good luck with the sale and thanks for clearing things up here - atleast it can help demonstrate the quality of the Handy team and the satisfaction guarantee.

  • Me being an open minded optimist (generally) would still try the Handy team directly, explaining the situation and seeing what can happen. Handy have no obligation ofcourse, but 1) Selling at €70 leaves you at a loss, and for a company bringing joy to many, that would not sit right, 2) Handy could follow up with your retailer to update terms and conditions for the Handy in particular - This would allow a win-win for all , now (with you) and in future for those customers to “cum” :slight_smile:

Business is business though so if it doesn’t work out, better luck will come to you from elsewhere in life.


Hi, I’m the community manager for Handy and my attention was brought to your post by Abdulis. Sorry to hear that the Handy wasn’t for you and now you’re trying to find the best way to give it a new home.

The rest of the team in Norway is off because it’s a bank holiday today so unfortunately I can’t get confirmation about whether we would be able to accept a return in this particular case, but could you please still send an email to explaining your situation? Please also include some information about the retailer you purchased from. Whatever the case may be, it’s very useful for us to have this information to better understand any pain points for customers and what we can do to remedy them as best as we can.

As has already been pointed out, our Satisfaction Guarantee allow people to return the Handy if they are not completely happy with it (which means that yes, they do get to try it and not just look at it from across the room for two weeks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:) Just wanted to clarify that part!

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I’m in Germany, I can only offer you 45€ and 5€ shipping, so 50€ total. I can send you the money paypal friends & family or bank transfer, whatever you prefer. If you can get a better deal then go for it, I’m only leaving this offer here since I’d be down to get a handy for that price, despite already having the Keon.

Hi tissooo, send you PN

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