Sensitivity and Endurance

So i have a kiiroo keon and some fleshlights. The fleshlight have always been way more sensitive than regular sex. When I use the keon I don’t last very long and its extremely sensitive. I’ve tried cock heroes and some of the tamer stuff but its still the same. Does this go away with more use? Tips would be greatly appreciated. Also, what are some videos you’d suggest to get started with building endurance.

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you could try to jack off first then wait five minutes and then use the toy it might take you longer to cum then. But if it doesnt work you might wanna think about a kiiroo onyx+ it doesnt use a fleshlight and it gives more of a “massagy” feeling. it was too soft for me but for you it might be the right toy.

I find the specific sleeve that is in use can make a significant difference - the stock one that came with the keon manages to be both a bit bland/un-interesting in feeling but I still don’t last long at all with it, probably because it’s quite tight and unyielding in the neck between the opening and the body.

My favourite sleeve with my fleshlight launch is an older one which has just enough texture that I can feel some difference at different depths, but is pretty loose overall. With that, the chance to relax into it a bit (lieing down, hands free so I’m not tensing up), I’ve finished some of the over an hour cock heroes before now. The only problem is I’m yet to get that sleeve to work well with the keon because it’s considerably bigger and the keon has such narrow tolerances.

I made some stop and go scripts that you might give a try.

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Yea I have noticed the fleshlight sleeves rub the outside of the unit. I wasn’t sure if using the fleshlight ones would cause an undue wear and tear on the device itself. I do have the Riley Reid Euphoria/Utopia, Kimmy Granger Rebel, and the Lena Paul Nymph. They all feel the same to be but if you know which one would be the best to use I’d appreciate the help. Thanks!

These look pretty good I will certainly give them a try.

I find the Keon sleeve rubs the outside of the device somewhat, creating friction and leaving melted TPE material along the sides.

My favourite fleshlight sleeve (Something like a “Pure” Fleshlight Pure Texture - Details, Reviews, Offers and more | FleshAssist which they don’t make anymore, though the texture doesn’t look exactly the same) is bigger than most fleshlight sleeves and without modification it pushes on the sides all the way around, creating an air seal, turning the thing into an air pump with some powerfull suction (and leaving huge amounts of melted material)

I’ve tried printing one of these: Kiiroo Keon Lip Cap by ToyznThangs - Thingiverse and it looks like it might work for the original sleeve, I tried it with the fleshlight sleeve - It both failed to contain it and was getting pulled partly on and off adding a new clacking sound. Sometime I want to try editing it both to increase the internal volume and to make the locking lugs a bit bigger for a better grip and try printing it again, but I’ve not gotten around to it yet.

I don’t own any of the sleeves you have there, looking at the images on Fleshassist, they all look relatively busy textures. If anything the Euphoria looks visually to be the least intense, but the scores people have given have the utopia down as the least tight and least intense of those four, maybe that helps a bit?

Oh and more general tips:

Firstly, a lot of the scripts created these days are intended for use with the Handy and I don’t know if it’s down to the softer, stretchy sleeve the Handy uses or something else, but a lot of these Handy scripts end up being super intense when played on a more traditionally sleeved device like the Launch or the Keon, which is something to watch out for.

Secondly, when I want to have a session that isn’t a quickie, I always start with a more relaxed script, even if it’s only a few minutes long, as it will give me a chance to get over the initial excitement and relax into it before starting on something more involved, which I find helps a lot.

Dude honestly just start scripting stuff. When you take notes on how to improve your script (yes it’s awkward) you’ll find your endurance will build rapidly. I almost don’t even recommend cause u will build tolerance so fast, I say enjoy your low tolerance

More like the more you test your stuff before releasing the script hahaha.

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I use Handy. I bought it for me as a Christmas present :rofl:

I personally thought myself as a slow shooter. And this machine changed it all when I used it for the first time.

But as I start looking for intense scripts, and start scripting myself, it became harder and harder to be satisfied.

Maybe that’s why all my scripts are now fast paced or Hardcore in general :smile:


Edging, taking frequent breaks, or maybe a cock ring (only if the sleeve is not too tight), and a less intense sleeve. I was using fleshlight launch before and im able to last around 2hrs over time. But now that i have the osr, im finding it hard to last 20mins and have to take a break. Its insane. You just gotta keep doing it til you get used to it. Also, i find myself lasting longer on faster rapid thrusting scenes than the slow sensual movements. I think my unga bunga brain gets overwhelmed and gets numb to the sensation if its too fast. If its slow, my brain can catch up and process everything and i end up struggling to last longer. Its weird. It could be the other way around. Play around what type of material fits you ajd you can even script stuff that you like.

An easy way to last longer is to ensure you use less tight sleeves with wider openings, but more importantly, simply remove the end cap from the fleshlight case while in use to prevent the over stimulating suction effect

There are a lot of variables here, but the two most relevant ones are which sleeves you’re using, and what your size is (girth - length isn’t really relevant). The more textured the sleeve and/or the larger your girth, the more stimulation you’ll have.

I’m not really familiar with the Keon, but with other toys, it’s very possible to use other kinds of sleeves entirely. What I did a while back was take a spare Fleshlight holder and modify it to hold just about any sleeve, using rubber bands to hold it in place a bit. I made a thread about it on the old RealTouchScripts forum, but that’s no longer up.

Here’s a picture of what I did, which may or may not fit into a Keon:

Basically, you cut along the red line you see on each side, then use heat to bend the arms out at the point of connection, then back to be parallel.

There are a number of Japanese sleeves lumped under the title Meiki which can be used with it. Some have harder-material liners that create more sensation, while others are the same material throughout, which are more soft and realistic. I’ve used those sleeves in my adapter with a Launch, Handy, and OSR2. Ones in particular which I’d recommend trying with such a setup are “Meiki no Syoumei 01 Maria Ozawa” and “Meiki no Syoumei 09 Rola Misaki”. Both are the same material throughout, and fit well into the adapter. The only real issue would be how much they stick out on the sides, which on a device which has walls might lead to material being rubbed off and deposited. You can always trim the sides to prevent that.

Beyond all that, one basically guaranteed way to reduce sensitivity is to use the toy more often. If you do it every day, or maybe even multiple times per day, you’ll find yourself lasting longer and longer. The more time you take off, the more sensitive you’ll be when you resume.

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The keon uses it’s own sleeve case which is a little narrower, little shorter than a fleshlight case, it will take a fleshlight sleeve but it’s a tight fit and it gets compressed a little at the bottom. The case is made of a harder plastic that almost feels and rings like metal. The void in the machine is only a couple milimeters wider than the case, which is why the front of the sleeve ends up rubbing on the sides if it expands at all, leaving melted tpe all over the inside of the void.

Awesome scripts btw I was able to make it through them with no issues. Thanks!

So I thought about the handy when I bought the Keon. I didn’t know there was that much support for it on here. Can it use fleshlights though since I have already invested in those or does it use its own sleeve?

It has it’s own sleeve included.

But using simple adapters allow you to attach other products (ex. Japan onaholes & fleshlights below 400~500g)

Breathe, man, breathe. I think it’s often as simple as that.

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