Server issues

Hey guys. I´m sorry for asking because i know it is an cummunity site but is the site running on an c64.
i try to use it but there is no way that thousands of users lagg out the server so hard.
I can not do anything…trying for days now to just use the search or look on my bookmarks.

Can somebody explain what is going on? There is no way that the issue is on my side.
It took me 30 minutes to make the post… :rofl:

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Something happened when the site admin/mods had to rebuild the site more or less from scratch using a database backup a couple of months ago. I think they are still investigating and trying to tune the settings to get rid of bottlenecks.

There are other posts already on this topic so if you need more information. Try searching for posts the last 2-3 months (not during peak hours when everything might be slow). This is one of them Server performance

This site is running on VM that’s the size of dedicated hardware.

The site is popular enough that we should be considering clustering/dedicated hardware.

We’re mainly constrained by finances. There were performance issues going back some time. Sentinel has linked the other thread.

I solved a few performance problems some time back. Its looking more and more like needing more/faster hardware.

Keep in mind we see about 5-6000 visitors daily. I think we average around 500-1000 on the site at a time and up to 2000 at peak times. The numbers are fuzzy but its in that neighborhood.

The mods have a lot of things to discuss and I reiterate this a lot but we are volunteers. It also doesnt help that I think I’m the only admin with professional experience in sysadmin work.

TL;DR - It was worse, we fixed most of it, we have more to do.


Thank you for your response. I never thought there would be so much traffic here. I have no idea how this stuff works, but now I know a little bit more about it. Thanks again.