SexLikeReal Billing Issue

Pretty disappointed in SLR right now. Went to cancel last week and they offered me a 50% discount rate which I accepted. Today I got charged the full amount.

Not cool SLR. Not cool.

Anyone else have this issue?

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Talk to the support reps, Rakly3 or Bruce, on the SLR Discord server about a refund. They usually get stuff like this resolved.

Or use this contact page

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Yeah @bumdude is right, SLR takes care of their customers and it would be bad word if this was something they actually purposefully did. I’m sure it was just a technical error that will get easily resolved if you let them know what happened (pinging @Rakly3)

Alternatively, you can PM me your SLR account email and I can help get it directly resolved for you as well @Contestitall


Above and beyond, dude…


Alright, I’ll try reaching out to them! Hopefully this gets resolved.

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You said you’d like to see someone getting screwed. They never promised it wouldn’t be you.

Let me know any update if SLR got back to you @Contestitall - or if you need further help with this k

Been following this thread ever since I got mentioned. To my recollection I still have not gotten a support request for this. We don’t have 50% discounts so I’m not completely sure which discount it is you were referring to @Contestitall .

Are you sure the discount was for the correct subscription plan you chose?

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Shouldn’t be like that. Simply contact support directly to look into your acc.

This post creates confusion where it’s not needed and not solving the issue.