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SexLikeReal finds its legacy after going through some major changes

Things are changing at SexLikeReal. We have made a great way from affiliate preview site to pay per video, and then to Premium. We introduced sustainable scripting economy enabling creators to sell their scripts and users to enjoy it. Many times during that course people said it’s going to be the end of SLR, but here we are doing better than ever hitting record high userbase numbers month after month.

As we are accomplishing our goals there will be less change coming and we expect to introduce even more cool stuff for SLR users.

Those are some major highlights:

  1. SLR Premium and Scripts Premium are our major products. Being short on cash now should not prevent you from enjoying SLR. Just mail support what you can afford today for monthly or annual and we will get you unlimited Premium. We are not serving freeloaders.

  2. While SLR is most invested in unparalleled VR video streaming the downloads are not going anywhere.

  3. DLNA is gone for good. We have got through the point of no return and we don’t plan to support 3rd party DLNA services. We found a way to get DLNA back into SLR app for Premium users. We don’t expect it back on Deo.

  4. Turning HapticsConnect into Premium users app and deprecating DLNA also plays a major shift to embrace more positive streaming culture (and bringing more social experience) and preventing scripts from pirating.

We are highly invested into haptics. Not only we get more cool videos and scripts, but these are coming faster than ever. One day we expect to have all the videos scripted. You can start uploading your scripts now and get an unlimited Premium.

Soon everyone should be able to submit free scripts for private or for public. Just upload the script for the video and that’s it.

More features are coming into Haptics Connect and SLR app. The next thing would be showing script histogram in the SLR app player seek bar, connecting Svakom interactive devices and releasing return to base, pause script and edging mode controls, showing scripts slow/medium/fast intensity in script profile.

We are getting a progress on our own SLR Interactive sex toy providing ultimate ergonomics and connectivity. We are building the whole product team from scratch and would be happy to see you joining us.

We are still improving ScriptsAI for semi-automated script creation and would welcome anyone who wants to join us.

There is a lot of going on. None of that would be possible without you guys and your feedback even if critical. Things come at a cost and I’m glad we have managed to create a sustainable economy to get things moving :+1:


So just to be clear, this change will also remove access to local files, for those of us using the SLR Windows app on a tethered VR device?

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Do you still have it so that buying one script allows you to use haptics with the app?

Happy to hear, that SLR is doing good and things are going their way. After a while, today I played some VR games again and also checked out SLR. It was great to see, that there are so many videos and a lot of them have scripts. In the beginning only very few videos had scripts.

When I was browsing through SLR I am always temped to go for a lifetime sub. I already was a monthly sub and when I first discovered SLR I bought some individuell videos and later scripts.

They are only two things keeping me from doing it:

The price: While I think ~700 is not even that extremely expensive for a lifetime sub, because I see how many new stuff gets added regularly, it’s still a huge amount. I hope VR and SLR gets even more popular and with that more people will also get into VR porn. And this could lead to a cheaper price. My dream price range would be between 100 - 120 per year and around 150 per year with scripts. Then I wouldn’t hesitant.

The whole VR setup: I am using a G2. That means:

  1. Plugging it in
  2. Setting the cable management up
  3. Turning the controllers on
  4. Turning on Steam
  5. Turning on Steam VR
  6. Starting SLR
  7. Setting the right screen position
  8. Start

When I want to use my Handy and scripts, there would be even more steps. And this is just too much of a hassle to use on a regular basis. I am just too lazy for it. Having a mobile headset like the Quest 2, would eliminate most of the steps. Then I would just have to start the headset, start SLR and be good. When I want to use my Handy, I’d set it up before. Overall way faster and not too much of a hassle. But the Quest 2 doesn’t give the best experience. The screens are just not on the same level as the ones from the G2. Currently, screen quality is the most important thing for me. Also the Quest 2 is harder to get in Germany.

I am assuming, that the Quest 2 was a huge helper for your success. The Quest 2 is a massive success overall and a good boost for VR in general. But VR is, in my opinion, currently stagnating. While the hardware makes huge leaps, the software doesn’t. There is not much pulling me into VR anymore. My focus are on games. Of course VR porn is something I had in mind when getting into VR as well. Gaming wise, we didn’t see much after Half Life Alyx. There are pretty much no more AA or AAA titles coming out in the near future. I didn’t buy any new VR games for a long time, because there is nothing. Only games, that are out there are often gimmicky games and with little content.

On the media side there is also nothing happening. I was hoping for series, documentations and more YouTube VR stuff. There are some, but exclusive for the Quest 2. The only things, that are evolving is the hardware and porn. The quality for VR porn has gotten amazing. When I watched the first VR porn on my Rift, I was disappointed. The quality was awful. But it got better and now we can enjoy sharp 8k videos.

Q3 / 4 we will get to see Meta’s next headset. I have high hopes for it. We need a better price range for the new headsets. To make it more attractive, we need to see prices like 200 - 250 and 300 at maximum. For most people this will be a no brainer and they will buy one. And the more people getting into VR, the more can grow around it.

I love VR. I got the Rift then the Rift S and the G2. But as I mentioned above, there is not much pulling me into VR anymore. There are only the same 2 - 3 games I play, then I play around with VAM and using SLR. I do this for some time, and then my headset doesn’t get any use for weeks or even months. One of the reasons is the whole set up and a mobile headset would probably get more use, but it needs to be on the same quality level like PC VR headsets.

I really have high hopes for Meta’s new headset(s). I hope they are accessible, when it comes to price and they bring the high quality screens. If we get another success, I hope everything around will start to grow again and we see more content pulling people in.

Porn can and will play a huge factor in this. And I think SLR can play the major role there.

I wish you best of luck for that and I am very excited to see, what the future for VR and VR porn will bring.

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I’m not sure I understand your question.

If you are a Premium SLR user you can enjoy your local files with Haptics Connect without a problem.

Oh good to know. I like to download VR vids and scripts using SLR premium, as well as from other studios which are not available on SLR, then use the SLR app to play them all locally on my Reverb G2. Good to hear that will continue to work.

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Great to hear that :+1:

Some really great points you have made :+1:

I can see much easier setup once you upgrade to a brand new Quest and the SLR Interactive sex toy that will be immediately connected once you launch SLR app.

We have a huge pipeline to bring VR videos to the next level. This week we finally release a huge quality boost on Android devices. Next thing would be depth maps implementation which greatly improves video quality and with future developments might bring us 6DOF video experience. Handtracking is coming to Quest as well. And make sure to check our Harem videos Take Your Pick: Part 1 - Reverse Gangbang Harem Orgy with Czech Pornstars. Two more will be released soon.

I disagree on the headset price. People are giving their last money to get $1,500 newest iPone. Of course lower price helps adoption rate, but high price doesn’t stop it much. Anyway VR has a huge product value that is getting better incredibly fast. One day it will get huge. It’s also true that Facebook is greatly donating VR. I think Quest 2 costs not less than $2,500 if you count all their related expenses, while they sell it for $300. I totally realise Zuck knows what he is doing, but the money are really insane there.

2022 is going to be a huge for VR in every aspect.

Also looking to see more cool games in VR. My very best wishes.

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I am also very excited to see SLR’s take on a interactive toy. I hope for EU shipping as well :slightly_smiling_face:

But there is a huge difference: Smartphones are fully adapted, VR isn’t. When people buy a smartphone for 1,5k (which is insane), they know what they get. But people don’t know what they get, when they buy a VR headset. People are using smartphones everyday and because of that, they are okay paying higher prices. But they don’t know, if they use a VR headset often enough to justify a price. That’s why I said, we need a lower price range first to get as many users in as possible. And then later bring higher end headsets with higher prices. But still release lower end headset as well.

For example: I am okay with buying a new PC for 2 - 3k. I am using it everyday, I want the best quality and I want to use it for many years. But I wouldn’t be okay buying a phone for 1.5k. I am using a phone everyday, but not as excessive, that would would justify a 1.5k phone. And people are thinking the same about VR headsets right now. They might be interested in it and they might use it. But not as much, that would justify a high price tag.

Would this mean, you could move around in a scene?

You will have some 30-50 cm limited movement area. Doesn’t sound exciting in numbers, but it’s a great feeling in VR.

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That’d be very cool. Very much looking forward to it.
Being able to freely move around in a scene would obviously be an absolute game changer. But I guess, that’s something not possible (yet).

Does this mean a new lens profile, that must be implemented in VR apps, or just an enhancement of existing tech?

It’s the right implementation of depth maps for all videos. Higher resolution first.

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cant wait to see what the future of SLR brings :slight_smile:

@doublevr Can the premium SLR subscription be altered to include DLNA unlock or alternative in app?

I just don’t get the latency I would like to with streaming even with a properly setup network @ 1gpbs.

I am an active subscriber currently.

You don’t plan on making your new sex toy exclusive to slr?.. meaning toys like the Handy no longer work?

While we are really far away from launching our sex toy I can not see us pulling support for any current integration. There’s a place for everyone


I’m thinking of going Vr, but if I don’t have an SLR premium account and I download both my scripts and vr videos is there any way to view them? I have the handy, probably going to get quest 2. also what are your opinions on the SLR scripts, I like intense scripts; are the scripts on SLR as intense as the 2d scripts on this site and can I use the sr6 with SLR Premium

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The slr scripts are top notch and I’d even say they tend to be more intense on average than most 2d ones posted here (with PMVs being the exception). I’d say slr scripts are much more accurate and while that’s usually a good thing it also means you lose out on the little embellishments you’ll find in free scripts such as vibrations when a girl deepthroats then just holds it there.

You’d either need to buy a script (I think @doublevr said the cheapest is $0.99) or have an active premium subscription. Personally I think premium is worth it because slr originals are better than most other studio’s scenes. I buy scripts individually (so I can download them unlike the scripts subscription) and watch everything through xbvr in deovr. It all works very well and I don’t plan on canceling my subscription anytime soon unless support for downloads and/or xbvr is cut.

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