SexLikeReal most connected VR headsets

Quest Pro is my the most favorite, yet high price must be keeping people away from it.

Pico4 is picking up nicely. With native DeoVR support on Pico it should be growing even faster.

A bit off topic, but still related to the statistics.

I guess these statistics explains why the SLR DeoVR dev team never bothered to fix so that DeoVR detects controllers independently from headset detection. DeoVR just assume which controllers are used based on the detected headset :frowning: I’ve been using both HTC Vive and Pro with Index controllers. However, DeoVR shows and configures the controllers as HTC wands (I reported this 1-2 years ago). SteamVR and basically all other VR applications I have detect the controllers as Index controllers just as they should, but not DeoVR.

I’ve been slightly involved when the team was discussing this. It’s a serious time consuming effort to get universal controllers workaround. They would have stop all the other things they are working on to get this done.

Yeah, I understand priorities when it come to defect reports. That’s what I meant with the statistics explaining why it haven’t been addressed. It simply affects too few users and changing the DeoVR architecture/design is too costly even if the architecture/design obviously is really lacking since it relies on hard coded controller settings instead of making use of the SteamVR Input API. However, as an end user the DeoVR experience is frustrating so I avoid SLR and DeoVR for that very reason. Thanks for the response though, now I know that it won’t be fixed.