Shallow strokes on PMV using handyfeelingAPI

Weird thing… A forum member pinged me to let me know that they were seeing that “most of the action was down in the base rather than using the full length of the Handy” with the script for my MollyRedWolf PMV. I was doubtful at first, seeing as how:

  1. I wrote the fucking thing (most of the “peak” actions are well over 75%)
  2. I’ve used it and never noticed anything of the sort

Turns out that he was right. I’ve always used the handy in bluetooth mode w/Scriptplayer for local 2d vids/scripts, this PMV was no exception. When I switched Scriptplayer over to use the handyfeeling API, most of the actions were down near the base.

I’m making a guess, but here’s what I suspect:

Bluetooth mode on the handy is “forgiving”. It will sacrifice a stroke here and there in order to make the next stroke, whereas the handyapi will shorten the active stroke in order to make the next stroke. Can anyone confirm whether I might be in the ballpark on this? Is there something else at play? I should probably test out some of my other scripts and see if they do the same thing…

Also, something else I was wondering as I was working on this. Is there an official Discord for the site that I’ve missed somehow?

Thanks for pointing this one out, @jamanon

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