Should we enable videos and scripts uploads on SexLikeReal?

So you can upload your favorite videos and scripts for private use.


IMHO that would turn into basically a backup service. If you could justify the store/compute/transport costs, that could be a nice additional feature for subscribers.

I probably wouldn’t use it though. No upside to balance hassle.risk.

HOWEVER, if you made it so we could access the script library for removed videos. Like if we missed grabbing scripts for VRBangers or VRConk before they dropped from the platform. Then we can upload a private copy of the scene and stream previously made scripts. May be some legal ramifications, but I’d love to revisit those “lost” scripts.

That’s the plan. Everything what’s private is yours. You can upload scenes and scripts from any producer. Basically like cloud storage with streaming and scripts

So where is the downside in all of this or rather what’s in store for you? I dont see the point in you doing that and not get something out of it. Your servers already cannot completely keep up those past weeks so I really doubt that the lot of us (e.g. I have 52TB of VR videos not on SLR) won’t kill your current infrastructure. Telemetrics? Using uploaded scripts to improve your own ones? What’s the point for you?

In the end there isn’t really that much use for it except for using it as a backup service. Not to mention that people will upload different versions of videos etc. and things on your end will get fucked. The more I think about it the less sense it makes imo.


Very easy, very human

Why would you say our servers have any issues to keep up? There were some overloads that were not properly balanced which we fixed and got prevention system in place. Also optimizing the app to make sure we don’t load everything at once and know once the feed is not loaded.

I can think that we can easily provide some few videos (20-50GB each) to be stored with a regular Premium sub. Then providing storage upgrade option. Can’t go wrong

High resolution long video processing might take some few days though before it appears in the app.

Yeah great link and great answer (ffs, when will you grow up?). With 20-50GB this is mostly a thing for 2D and not VR. So not sure why anybody would use that service except for backing up 1-2 VR scenes or their 2D videos.

In regards to your servers, there have been a few posts those past months, and another one two days ago.

It’s a known issue.

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Gotcha. Thought it’s your reddit account.

No worries. Will handle it right

What? Most of the time I am not even sure if you are AI or not. I don’t even understand your answer at all. Yeah I worry because there have been lots of past issues which is why I once again ask:

What’s the point for you in doing that? Telemetric data?

Otherwise, do not ask, just do what a service provider does and add the thing. It’s just very questionable that you would include free bandwith in the current subscription so we will observe that like a hawk.


i mean you can do that with the local player anyway. I have a few videos and scripts on the local that i use on the player. Plus if you rename the script file the numbers at the end of a url then they will play locally anyway

I have a NAS I access thru DLNA. It is a mild but still annoying process to upload the scripts to the Oculus Interactive folder directly. If I could upload my scripts to SLR and still use them with my DLNA but not have to upload them on the Oculus locally that would be cool. Not cool enough to pay extra for tho

Make it so the script AI is run against whatever videos we upload and you have a deal.

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that’s the plan for streaming

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Right? You know I will be scrutinizing those terms of service with a microscope. The very first thing I thought of is that letting us upload our scripts gives them a database to train their AI model on. SLR will NEVER give you anything that they aren’t making money off of in some way.

Agreed. It’s amazing how often the answers utterly ignore the majority of the question for some glib one-liner.

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Doublevr is getting some strange responses here for what was a simple question. Feeling kind of bad for him on this one! No harm in him asking if we want extra features.

I wouldn’t have a use case for uploading videos personally, but maybe for scripts. I think on SLR’s end there is scope for it to be abused by users kind of like the well intentioned discount system, so that might want looking at.

On the user’s end I think this is a fair response from withy:

You know I will be scrutinizing those terms of service with a microscope

This would be one of the thoughts I’d have if any company offered this, so it’s not being distrustful of SLR specifically.

If, as suggested, uploaded scripts were possibly used to train the algorithm, I’d be up for that as long as I was able to create DOWNLOADABLE scripts (not streaming only) with the scriptai system that I’d be contributing to. I don’t know about anyone else, but I personally have a huge number of carefully crafted partial scripts that I’d happy to provide as a contribution if downloadable scriptai generated scripts were on the table. Sounds like a win-win for all concerned.

Of course they might not want to use uploaded scripts for training anything - there’s no way of telling the quality of scripts people would upload! Maybe that’s something they could do with trusted scripters who have proven their craft.

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I think that this is very gracious of you, but my concern is that SLR would use those scripts to train their algorithm whether original script creators consented to it or not - perhpas by exploiting a loophole in their TOS that gives them permission since a third-party (us) uploaded it. In that case, it would be on the individual users not to upload scripts that might be used against the author’s wishes while absolving SLR of any responsibility and enriching them in the process.

I can see how it may seem that way, but @doublevr has demonstrated a fair degree of duplicitousness in his dealings with customers and the community. It is somewhat inevitible given his history that out-of-character offers of freebies will be met with a high degree of skepticism.

Thanks for a thoughtful reply.