Should we start selling ultimate VR package: Branded Pico4+Handy+SLR sub?

With preinstalled SLR app and tweaking things to make it work with one click.

I more or less like the sound of this but the only thing is for many people the price tag for either the Pico 4 or the Handy is a large barrier to entry that at least in my experience buying a VR headset and then later deciding whether I want to invest more into the set up felt more natural. Buying both at the same time may be too much of a commitment for some people.
Overall if it has consumer-friendly incentives to buy everything as a bundle I support it, whether you would actually see many sales is up in the air.


I imagine it’s a progression for most folks. I didn’t wake up one morning with the idea in my head that I was going to watch some VR porn while a robot jacked me off lol.

  1. Finally buy Fleshlight after thinking about it for years.

  2. Research VR and justify the price of a used Oculus Quest 2 ($200) because I really want to play Half-life Alyx and Beat Saber. VR porn on my phone is mediocre and I’m worried it probably will be on a headset too, but I decide to risk it.

  3. Watch proper, full resolution VR porn on a headset for the first time and realize that THIS IS THE GREATEST THING I HAVE SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!

  4. Subscribe to SLR.

  5. Start thinking about automation, do some research, and buy The Handy.

  6. End up here.


Change the narrative and the order of events as you wish, but you get the idea. I never planned to shell out hundreds of dollars at once for the full package.

Pico 4 - ~$500 USD after taxes
Handy - $200+ with shipping
SLR script subscription - $40/month
Total: $740

Presumably you eliminate the cost of the subscription from your asking price in order to hook the user on your service rather than alternatives.

STILL, that’s a steep cost of entry. If you really want to sell people on this, you’re going to have to find a way to bring that number down to $500 at least. Even that is probably too high for the amount of perceived “risk” involved in sex toy and VR purchases. I think the cost of headsets now is really the issue.


The major benefit is making things work one stop outside of the box.
You get the best setup immediately in one click and a huge saving in time. It’s also going to be a bit cheaper than purchasing things separately.

I assume that installing an app is very straight forward on Pico and shouldn’t be any problem for a beginner i.e., pre-installation shouldn’t provide that much value. The question is, can’t you detect a first run in SLR and ask “do you want to use recommended settings” and do all those tweaks you want to do? Compare it with the nVidia Experience app for instance. There it shows the current settings and tells you what the optimal settings are for your hardware and you can apply those settings with one click. That way you help everybody, given that they have a supported hardware, instead of only those few buying an expensive bundle.

On a side note; the reason why I bought my VR headset was for gaming. It wasn’t until later I discovered VR porn and I discovered scripts and integration with stroker devices even later. Discovering scripts should of course be more straight forward now since many more sites provides scripts compared to pre-covid.