Shutting down

Just a heads up assuming there are any users left here: I’m shutting down today. There’s been a large influx of users even though I deprecated it months ago, and the amount of support questions has gotten a bit overwhelming. It’s massively old now, I haven’t updated it in ~3 years, and I am really hoping one of the projects in development here supersedes it (looking at you,

The repo for syncydink is still up at GitHub - qdot/syncydink: A web based video player that supports multiple viewing modes, haptic formats, and output devices if someone REALLY wants to run it for themselves or take a look at updating it (see On Forking Syncydink · Issue #85 · qdot/syncydink · GitHub), it compiles into a 4 file pure client side SPA so you can host it on something like netlify. I just need it out of my way so I can concentrate on what I’m interested in.


Thanks for having it up for so long, @qdot.

As a mac user, it’s the only way I know how to play funscripts with my launch. Does anyone know another way I can play scripts using my Macbook and linking it bluetooth the launch? (I’m not talented enough to run it on my own)

:sleepy: no, what site are we gonna use now?

I used the wayback machine and it seems to work at least today

Also would like to chime in and say thanks to @qdot


Was hoping someone would figure that out. :slight_smile:

It should work that way forever! Syncydink is 100% client side, there’s no databases or network services/access needed. It’s just like 3-4 staticly served files. :slight_smile:

(Note: This does not mean I’m still supporting it, I just needed it off of my domains to signify that. That’s why I pointed out the repo, it should build fine using node, and it’s BSD licensed, so people are free to rehost it anywhere they want. I should probably strip out my domains and support info tho.)


Thanks for the find. I still use the launch and it doesn’t seem like the will support that.

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@qdot Does the App still work for it now?? Where can i download it for my Android Phone? thank you