Silicone lube with the Handy?

I mistakenly bought and used silicone lube and used with my handy original sleeve. It’s lasting a lot better than water-based but can it ruin the sleeve? Did anyone else use silicon lube with these sleeves for a long time? I didn’t observe any difference or damage yet, used it maybe five times.

I got some silicone lube 1 of my handy sleeves a while ago, it was a sleeve i dont use often so it just gets left in a draw for sometimes weeks , when i noticed it had the silcone lube on it, the area effected had basically melted, we were going through 40c heatwave at the time to that may have contributed to the damage.

It will slowly melt most sleeves over time, it’s gradual but eventually it degrades, there’s also a risk of essentially melted TPE from the toy getting into your body wich isn’t fantastic, that’s mostly a concern with plugs and dildos and such for sure, but it’s an unnecessary risk.

Water based lubes kinda suck in comparison, so i started using hybrid lubes instead, they are mostly water based with abit of silicone mixed in, and from practical experience it gives you the best of both worlds. I can recommend Liquid Silk, lasts far longer than water based lubes and feels better overall.


Interesting. So you haven’t experienced problems with degrading using hybrid lubes?

None, i even ran an experiment by cutting off a piece of a sleeve and covering it in the hybrid lube, and then leaving it in a glass for 24 hours, didn’t do anything to it.

I’ve been using hybrid lubes now for almost 2 years, and it works great.

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Science! Love it.

Ordered some Liquid Silk now, thanks

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Wow that lube is great. It doesn’t run out or make a mess like the water-based one I prefer (Pjur aqua). And I think it even feels better than the silicon-based.

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Yeah it’s the best one i’ve found so far, i got tired a year or two ago of really sticky and tacky lubes and ordered a bunch, and this one really surprised me, i think you are the only one so far who has taken me up on this recommendation, happy you liked it!

Liquid Silk is the SHIT. Just tried Gun Oil for the first time and I gotta say… after years of using LS, I don’t get the hype everyone has for Gun Oil.

Hey I took you up on it too last week and I love it too! I kind of wish it was slightly wetter but I don’t miss the stickiness of the regular water-based stuff. This is definitely the best I’ve found so far. I’ve not used it with FL yet as I mainly use onaholes with my handy but I’m putting together an SR6 so will no doubt be using it on the fl soon enough. Great stuff! (I always thoroughly clean my toys straight after use so I’m hoping not to get any damage, though if it was to degrade a fleshlight over say 6 months that’s sort of a price worth paying for a vastly better experience).

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Glad you liked it! I’ve been using it for about 2 years now and havn’t noticed any damage, hopefully the same remains true for you! =)

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