Simple/Best Scriptplayer Quest 2?

I am currently looking for opinions into the simplest way to play VR Content at 60fps on the Quest 2 along with scripts. Trying to avoid side quest if at all possible. All local content to the headset and no streaming needed, using the Handy, just point and click and grab your dick.

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Install DeoVR from Oculus store and enjoy streaming all the scripts with a single click Sex Toy Scripts & Haptic VR Porn: Sexual Wellness and Sex Tech - The Handy, Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch VR, Kiiroo Keon and others

Thanks, but I really prefer to download and play from hard drive of the quest. Really trying to avoid streaming as I only am able to use the VR set up a few times a year when I have weekends at home alone. Also not a fan of subscription services. I already got enough expenses lol

DeoVR can stream local files too. Just put the scripts in the ‘Interactive’ folder and make sure they have the same name as the video. Remove special characters and keep it to numbers and letters. It does require a SLR sub tho, which I have.

Pigasus costs money up front, but can also play local scripts/videos. Put those scripts in the pigasus/scripts folder on the Oculus. No clue why they don’t draw from the ‘interactive’ folder like everyone else. Special snowflakes lol.

BigScreen is free, but no script support. Video only

Heresphere is not free, and requires sidequest.

TLDR: you gotta pay somewhere along the road

Thanks for the recommendations! I am fine with buying an app for one time fee, just the monthly subscriptions and such for something I get around to maybe a handful of times a year, just doesn’t seem worth it. Especially since this is a secret RND project for a universal “device” holder providing a hands free experience.

I would recommend Heresphere, it has native support for the Handy and Keon and others. There is a fully functional demo available, I believe it just has a watermark throughout the video. It will play local video + funscript, or through SMB as well. It works great, but it currently does require SideQuest to install.

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I second Heresphere.

I’ve used Pigasus, (before scripting) Skybox, Whirligig/Scriptplayer from PC, and one or two others I can’t think of at the moment… Once you have sidequest set up (thankfully I already did) it’s super easy to get going. The video quality is great, autofocus feature is nice and interactive toy sync works as good or better than scriptplayer or other solutions + it supports syncing to a local timestamp server if you prefer that - though I generally find that unless the Handy API servers are acting up, just using the native functionality works great!

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Heresphere is amazing