Simple program to cut video sample

I would like to know if there is a simple program to cut down video in smaller video so i can script part of the video.
i try to do it with the windows player, it wont let me cut down official video i download from pay sites

Thanks for your help

You can cut it with Windows 10 Photos app installed natively. You should have it under “open with” menu when right clicking on the video.
When you are there there is a button called “edit” or something like that and it will expand the menu with the “trim” option. After that use the slider to select part of the video you want to trim and use save as to get your clip.

thank for your help. I tried it… i cannot do it since it a official file of a paid site like teamskeet. some sort of copyright. maybe an another program can do it…

That’s weird, I’ve never encountered a video that’s blocked from editing. What is the extension of the video you want to cut - .mp4?

From other programs you can try to use ffmpeg but you will need to look around how to do it on other forums.

never had any issues

Both OFS and JFS, which are available here, have a clipping function that is very simple. Both use ffmpg to do this, so you could use that but it is trickier to understand. All are free.

GitHub - bartekmotyl/simple-video-cutter: Windows-based tool for efficient browsing and cutting video footage I like this as a standalone GUI tool. It uses FFMpeg under the hood just like other solutions but it does nothing else but cut video so it should be easy to understand.

This is my favorite.

I would highly recommend using Davinci Resolve. Advanced Programm that is free and you can pretty much do anything and easy to handle.

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