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Site maintenance beginning July 3 [COMPLETE]

Maintenance over, things should be up and running again.
If you notice anything broken, leave a comment below.

Looks like some older script attachments are broke for people

can you give me a list of known broken attachments?

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I just reran some of the same tasks I did previously, and it seems to have fixed the broken attachment problem… No idea why it didn’t work the first time.

I need to rerun some additional tasks overnight. If the broken attachment problem comes back, I know it’s the 2nd task that caused it.

Please continue to let me know if you find broken attachments.

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Okay, confirmed that it fixes itself then breaks again. Will need to do more digging.

Found a script which is unfortunatelly also broken. Don’t know if this is also related to the side maintenance:

almost certainly is. We’re still looking into how to fix the issue.

Yeah for me, almost all scripts I’ve tried to download (a dozen or so) have been broken for the past few days. Hopefully this can get fixed soon.

@ZANDORF do you have links to the broken scripts? So far it seems that this only affects files uploaded around Aug or Sept 2020

@hugecat I can confirm that only one of my script links is broken and that is also from Aug last year.

I released WankzVR - Moka Mora - Gimme Gimme Mora just after that (a week or two later) in the beginning of Sep and that link still works.

I uploaded the script again as an alternative link in my post. The original link is still there in case you want to test possible solutions for a permanent fix to the problem.

Pretty much everything from here is gone:

It’s literally every script for me. I just tried a dozen or so to find one that worked and couldn’t. They all now have a .txt added to the end. Checked on mobile and desktop and it’s the same. For now the site is completely unuseable unless it is a mega link or something not embedded.

That’s odd, but it sounds like a very different issue from what everyone else is facing. The known issue here affects posts around aug/sept 2020. If every link is broken for you, I don’t know how to help unless you can figure out how we can replicate it.

Edit: Went to see exactly where the break point is between working and broken attachments. They seem to start working some time between Sept 5 evening and Sept 6 midnight
not working:

Yeah here’s one posted 5 days ago. Same issue adding a txt extension to all files. I’ll try on PC in a moment.

I checked both of those scripts and they download normally for me on Firefox (mobile too), maybe it’s your browser.

So I went back to my PC and Mac and it looks like this is actually an issue that only occurs on Safari. Up until a couple weeks ago I never had issue with that browser. Looks like there is a possible answer on stack exchange:

“AFAIK the Apache server software comes with a preset of extension->MIME-type assignments. If a file with an unknown extension (like .dmg) is served with the MIME-type text as a fallback, Safari adds a .txt extension. This behavior is arguably correct. The server tells Safari it is serving a text-file, and a text file needs a .txt extension on Mac to be opened with a text editor. So Safari adds one. Other browsers ignore the server, which is a short term benefit for the user, but in the long run a) makes the server admin not notice the mistake and b) prevents the server admin to use this feature whenever he intentionally wants to (as opposed to unintentionally doesn’t care as usually).”

Been noticing a lot of slowness on the site in general recently. Is that due to increased server load or the update somehow? Let me know if I can provide any sort of data to try and diagnose.

I believe the broken attachment issue has been fixed.

This was caused by the older attachment urls being formatted in a different way than later attachments. Not sure when or why Discourse made that update. It could be due to moving object storage providers in the past as well. Regardless, it should be a one time issue.

Regarding site slowdowns @g90akc909g, this is due to needing to rebake all the posts after migrating storage providers. Then we started running into issues with broken attachments that only occurred after rebaking, so I’ve been running rebakes multiple times to verify if things are actually fixed. Unfortunately rebaking and then the tasks that get kicked off after a rebake hog 100% of the server CPU. These tasks take about a few days to complete. Afterwards, things should return to normal.


My old scripts seem to be working again, thank you for fixing the issue.

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