Sites for purchasing JAV VR

I just noticed that afesta has finally fixed their payment process and it’s once again possible to purchase videos from there. At the same time, the webpage loads slower than ever and most videos don’t have previews, and their file downloads are slower, so it looks like afesta’s English site is not receiving much web developer attention.

It might be good to list alternative sites, especially with the dmm stuff also going on. What options remain for people outside Japan to legally purchase JAV VR?

How do you like
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Main problem with SLR is a large chunk of Japanese studios don’t allow downloads, and streaming is not that great. Other than that, SLR is definitely the best produced site out there.

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Adult Festa is definitely the best I know of since they provide non-DRM downloadable videos. I don’t think I ever saw a page on there without preview.
DMM still works fine for me without VPN (for most scenes), but the fact that it needs to be de-DRMed is a pain, so I only use if for the studios not available on Adult Festa.
SLR is fine if you only want streaming (though they do have a few great scripted videos which is definitely a plus), but it has a much smaller catalog than Adult Festa.

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