Sleeve demonstration video

I’m getting rid of the sleeves that I don’t use. I was thinking of making a sleeve demonstration video before cleaning house.

Stunt cock

Quick shots

Non case sleeves



Hit the :heart: if this is something you would be interested in. I’ll add in my thoughts and feelings on each sleeve, and which ones I prefer.



I’m just curious how do you get the softer onaholes to stay in place?



I don’t…

Love these sleeves, but getting them to work with the handy has been a challenge. I have a couple DIY methods, but nothing I would rely on. I was hoping someone on ES had some input.

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Here’s my solution for smooth sleeves.

I don’t use onaholes though. Currently I use sleeves that are similar to the default Handy sleeve.

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I have also tried this, but the sticky part of the hook Velcro quickly came loose from the strap. Per someone else’s suggestion, I’ve had limited success with putting a sock around the sleeve and cuffing the excess.

A. It provides a grippier surface for the band to hold onto.

B. It creates a bottom lip which prevents the sleeve from slipping up through the band.

It’s not perfect because the toy can still slip down and put through the band over time (particularly during rapid, long strokes). It also absorbs lube depending upon positioning. BUT it’s sort of a solution.

You don’t put the sticky part on the strap. You just make a small strip with hook velcro on both sides. It doesn’t need to go all the way around. Just maybe an inch or two. So take a four inch long strip of sticky backed hook velcro and fold it over itself. Put it against the sleeve. Put a fabric hair rubber band around the sleeve so it holds the velcro strip in place. Now just strap it in. The velcro hooks grip the sleeve on one side and hooks into the strap on the other side. You can also make another strip to go on the opposite side of the sleeve where it touches the slide. I put some velcro dots, alternating between hook and pile, on my slide and it’s very secure.