Sleeve for Kiiroo Keon

So I heard that fleshlight sleeves are compatible for the Keon and was wondering what people would recommend. Also what are people recommended lube.

Most people recommend GunOil H2O for lube. For sleeves, my personal recommendations are Beyond (Madison Ivy), Tasty (Elsa Jean), Crush (Dillion Harper), Fit (Nicole Aniston), and Angel (Kendra Sunderland).
If you want to see others opinions, reviews, and rankings, you can go to fleshassist or check out the fleshlight subreddit.


+1 on Gun-oil. You can get the 32oz with a coupon if you order directly on their site if its not on sale on Amazon

hmm gunna have to check this gun oil out myself

Aniston Fit for a nice solid longer lasting session

Swallow for an intense wet blowjob deepthroat and other penetration good feeling but guaranteed to come earlier session

Turbo Thrust for nice layered long lasting realistic blowjob jelly like feeling type session

(I also hear Caliente is nice loose just right top sleeve for interactive use)

Gun Oil H20 is the only lube you should get or ever need 100%

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I would suggest something less intense, mostly because I felt like I was losing something from more interesting textures with the straight linear movement.

I don’t have anything specific to recommend as far as sleeves go, I think the one it came with is pretty nice if you don’t over use it. but I will suggest staying on the small side (the big bulb of an entryway). There isn’t a ton of clearance around the case inside of the rubber ring of the keon. It was just a little tough to get loaded and unloaded, but I’m sure there’s a fair amount of rubbing while it’s actually working. I may actually try an anal sleeve with this, they seem to squish less in this area and might fit better. But something like Destroya or Tasty have a lot of material around the entrance that I thought caused issues versus the standard sleeve.

I did some more messing with combinations this morning. Not only are they rubbing, but on the down stroke they can hit this rubber seal and just bounce back, so they don’t really come down far enough if they’re too fat around the edges.

I think the Thrust would be one good suggestion. If you look at the profile of it, it doesn’t smush outward as much as a lot of the FLG line does. Definitely don’t let me deter you, you will get something amazing in it’s own right I’m sure, I would just manage expectations with what will fit the keon well.

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Thanks Gonna get the Gun Oil H2O. After looking at fleshassist I might get Cream by AUTUMN FALLS

Going to be the odd one out and vote for Sliquid instead of Gun Oil, I find it so much easier to clean up afterwards with it. I almost never see it mentioned anywhere either.

I came here looking for solutions to that problem. The only sleeve that works properly for me is the Turbos. Even the one that came with the Keon rubs for me. I found this elsewhere and am going to try it out later. Hopefully it helps

This might be a solution too, but I don’t have access to a 3D printer

If you have an extra Keon case (I don’t) possibly cut it so it can snap on over the part that bulges outward

32oz bottle of slipery stuff. best price gel value etc

Hello , my first post here. Have a keon and some FL slevees they are perfectly compatible with Keon only thing you need is the Kiiroo Keon Lip Cap by ToyznThangs - Thingiverse Posted By @GoonerScriptz for dont break FL sleves by touching Plastic.Tested With Madison Ivy , and Riley Reid FL and works as Keon Sleve ,a little bit more loose (comparated to the Keon Flesh in the Pack) but still usable and great ! Sorry for bad English too !

Do you know if the Fleshlight Flight Pilot is fully compatible with Kiiroo Keon?

I don’t think it will. The normal fleshlight fit. The fleshlight go range which look similar in size to the Fleshlight Flight Pilot fit but are very loose and will likely keep fall out during use

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