Sleeve recommendation for The Handy (currently have TrueGrip, Lotus and Lips)

Hi. I apologize for creating another thread about sleeves. I’ve already checked all the existing posts, but couldn’t find an answer.

I bought the Lips and Lotus sleeves after having read everything I can about them, thinking it will feel better than the original TrueGrip sleeve. But they have been extremely disappointing. The original TrueGrip sleeve feels much better to me.

I can feel the sensations much better with the original TrueGrip sleeve. Like, “Wow, this feels good.” The Lotus and the Lips feel dull. Almost like there aren’t any textures inside and I’m just rubbing something smooth against myself. I can still orgasm, but the actual strokes themselves feel like I’m having sex with a condom on. I bought The Handy because my girlfriend can’t be on birth control and I really hate having sex with a condom.

I have a couple questions:

  1. If I like the sensation of the original TrueGrip sleeve, is it worth purchasing the TrueGrip Gen 2?

  2. Are there any other sleeves that feel better than the original TrueGrip sleeve? By feeling better, I mean the actual strokes themselves. I don’t care about sleeves being easier for edging etc.

I know that it depends on lot of factors like my size and lube. I’m of average length and girth, and I use the Sliquid lube.

Thanks for your help.

Yes, the True Grip Gen 2 is worth it. The original and that one are my 2 favorites.

I have ALL their sleeves, and for me (because it’s subjective) the Gen1 and Gen 2 are the best.

In other products, the Tenga SPINNER - 04 PIXEL Special Soft Edition is my next favorite.

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Thanks for your reply! Do you have a preference between the Gen 1 and the 2? Would you mind describing how the Gen 2 feels differently from the Gen 1?

I agree with Joe about the Gen 2. I like both True Grips, but the Gen 2 better than the original, and is probably my favorite of the Handy brand sleeves. I find it more comfortable at the base since there is a bit more cushion. The extra length allows for more sliding verses bottoming out with the orginal. I’ll be ordering another Gen 2 sleeve soon, my first one is kind of worn out and not as tight as when it was new.

I actually like the Lips, even though it is smooth, it can be intense, once you get past being pushed out at the entrance to the tip. I would guess you would probably like ona holes. They come in various textures. I don’t have any recommendations for ona hole toys since I haven’t used any, but there are some on the site if you look for them.

Did you notice a thin spot near the tip of the Lotus? On mine I found a thin spot that could blow up like a balloon and pop if the air isn’t squeezed out. As I spin it around I can see that there is a lot less material at one spot compared to the rest of the tip. Could be a possible flaw with their mold, or I just got a defective one? I was just curious about your findings with the Lotus. I might message the company about it.

I agree with Socks on the Gen 2.

As far as the Lips…I have diabetes (read “nerve damage”) and ED so I haven’t “filled” the sleeve fully. I find the best stimulation for me comes from smaller nubs. Hence the reason for the Spinner Pixel (I also have the Tenga Beads and Brick soft editions…Beads works for me, Brick not so much).

Now that I think about it…maybe I’m not the one to answer the original question. :wink:

I have the same issue, i dont know if its the exact same location though.

The main downside from the lotus is that it takes some practice to get its suction in an optimal state.
It needs a slight bit of air to avoid a full vacuum (which then restricts movement and would counter any effect of vacuum itself), but too much air and all sensation is gone as the air will go sideways.
And with it, the tightness of strapping it also matters since the sleeve itself is a bit thicker at its base/middle. Too tight strapping would again be counter productive since it causes the entire texture to always touch making it non existant. Slightly loose will allow the variation in the texture to work. The air after all wont escape at the bottom as its ring there is tight enough to prevent that.
Its a good edging sleeve compared to the default as its a lot less intense. But it mainly will matter on the videos you will use with it. Some videos are just too slow for this.

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I’ve got almost all the handy sleeves:

  • Extra TrueGrip
  • TrueGrip Gen2
  • Lotus
  • Lips
  • Open-Ended Soft / Medium / Hard

From all these sleeves, I almost exclusively use Gen2, its a better fit for me because the Gen1 ( Extra TrueGrip ) could feel a bit short. Sensation wise Gen1 vs Gen2, they are almost identical i guess, Gen2 just has a little extra lenght which fits me better.

Out of the open ended sleeves, I found the Soft one the best. And speaking of open ended ones, the Fleshlight Quickshot works really well with the Handy too.

I’ve tried using Fleshlights with the 3D printed part so it connects easy, but I enjoy fast scripts ( like the ones from @Shbek ) so the movements wont all match and it would overheat too fast for my taste.

The lube i use is waterbased EasyGlide and have used Gun Oil H2O. Both feel great to me

@Akali - Thanks! It’s exactly the information I was looking for. I’ll skip on the Gen 2 if the sensation is almost identical to the Gen 1, because I don’t have an issue with the Gen 1’s length.

@JoePorno - I’ll have to try Tenga SPINNER - 04 PIXEL Special Soft Edition a try. Is the spinning aspect just a gimmick or do you think it adds anything?

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Gen 2 for sure. I have the Lotus and it doesn’t compare. Atleast for me its too tight at times and removes sensation

I don’t really notice the spinning action when connected to the Handy. It works if you just hold it, but I use it in the Handy mostly. I think it’s because I don’t have it attached near the top…usually I attach it at about 3/4 up.