Sleeve Suggestions?

So I just got my handy yesterday and noticed right away the sleeve wasn’t doing anything for the tip of my penis. I adjusted the grip and it was a little bit better but still underwhelming. This is the first sex toy I’ve ever owned so I’ve never dabbled in flesh lights and what not. Anyone have any suggestions for a new sleeve?

I can’t speak for the handy since I don’t own one and don’t know what the sleeve looks like, but with fleshlights they tend to feel better after you’ve used them a few times (at least in my experience), need to break it in so to speak.

Maybe it’s something similar with the handy? Either way, how good a sleeve is can vary a lot depending on your size, so do keep that in mind.

I’m about a half an inch longer than the handy sleeve. Maybe I just need to do some research

The Keon with a Turbo fleshlight is the Shit!

Ultimate BJ simulator


This, a thousand times. Keep researching (warning - it may get costly) but you will find the sleeve that works for you. I personally never even tried the Handy sleeve as I knew right away it wont work. I find pretty much all fleshlights to be too tight ( I need to be able to get in even when I am semi flaccid).

After some trial and error, I ran into the Lovense sleeve (not the stock one), they do sell another variance online. MY goodness. Needless to say, I have 4 of those sleeves. I am only using one, but the other 3 are in storage in case they ever get discontinued.

If you enjoy any kind of fleshlight, this sleeve would feel super loose, so its not for everyone.

I try to get the handy sleeve as tight as it’ll go so yeah I don’t think that’s for me. I’m also uncut so that probably plays a big part into not getting stimulation.

I found this

Handy’s Compatibility guide says its usable, and Tenga has it rated as the most stimulating of the Spinner series. It may be just what I need.

I know that these topics will keep popping up, don’t forget to use the search function :+1:

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Did you get this? Does the spinning action work when the sleeve is strapped in?

I’m not a huge fan of the handy sleeve. I cut the end off of mine, and it was far more enjoyable after that.

I recently had to replace it. I got the medium flex sleeve from the handy website. It’s absolutely horrible. I am considering just buying another stock sleeve and cutting off the end of it again.

Yes! The soft tenga spinners are the shit. My favourite is the Beads tho.

The Handy stock sleeve isn’t great, but I think the problem with it not stimulating the tip of your dick is because there’s extra air trapped in the top of the sleeve. This will be an issue that you need to figure out with pretty much any close-ended sleeve. I recommend that you squeeze all of the air out of the sleeve as you enter it. It will make for much better suction.

Another good option I just came across is 2 Fleshlight Quickshots connected with the Quickconnect

Hi sorry for digging up this topic again, but where did you find the “Handy’s Compatibility guide” I tried searching for it on here but couldn’t find it

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