Slideshow program?

Does anybody know of software where you can point it to your local image stash (or a web library like does) and it will simply do a random pattern for each image? Like a slideshow, but as it progresses it randomly selects a stroking speed/pattern for each image?


If you know how to script you can create one with the command line feature of HandyControl and an image app of your choice. Or use the stroke generator and set the change interval at 30s (middle of slider) and start the slideshow at the same time than the stroke generator. It won’t do patterns but it will change stroke and speed for each image. Might get out of sync at some point…

Making the stroke generator show an image everytime it changes speed would be also possible but then it still won’t do patterns.

If you want patterns then first someone has to create them. Random generated patterns are not the same as hand crafted and will get boring. So if you know a place where I can find a free pattern collection please let me know. I have started some kind of collection in Level 8 and at one point it might be possible to use that with images too. It needs some coding to show images in a separate window or a user selectable application. In Level 8 there are different chapter times depending on the level. Higher levels are longer.

One could also create 20 patterns for 10s, 20 for 20s, 20 for 30s… and then create a single script with chapters like in Level 8 and set the next chapter to be the same level so it does not use a different time.

If the Streaming Protocoll comes one day this patterns could be saved as single files and streamed randomly depending on the selected time.

While it’s not Handy specific, I often like to run flipflip while running script player in another window.

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