Slow and Easy VR scripts

There are practically none at the moment. There is relatively a few VR studios compared to 2D so not much videos to choose from. However, as scripting/ scripters continues to gain influence (see VR Edging), perhaps someone can suggest a slow, sensual rinding VR movie to be shot. The whole movie dosent have to be slow, just good chunks of it. This would be a movie made primarily with scripting in mind.

There is an untapped market for slow and easy VR scripts. No doubt.

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I definitely agree @Jupiter - SLR and VR Edging agree too - check out some new VR Edging nonBJ only scenes upcoming :wink:


nonBJ you say?

Now you are speaking my language. You already have a customer for those scripts!

Anyone that starts producing long, slow build-up VR videos with scripts can name their price as far as I’m concerned… yes, preferably not just BJ.


@Realcumber, is this my ‘Cowgirl Cuties’ idea finally coming to life?

Yeah I’ve suggested your guys recommendations many times to many places - its cool they are listening and try more and new things - you guys can be the judge when they come out and feel free to offer constructive feedback that I would be happy to pass on


@Realcumber thanks again for passing on our requests! Can’t wait to see what is in store :smiley:

good idea here

Yes, all content are too quick. I can’t handle it more than few minutes… And we are many like that x’D

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I say more fucking machines lol

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I added a post describing voice control of the Handy: Voice control of Handy and DeoVR - #2 by Lucifie. Properly adapted videos would be better, but this has largely solved the problem for me till then.

Was just about to make a post about the same topic. The usual script here will make you go numb in seconds

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Couldn’t agree more on this fellas, and if you’re familiar with my work you know that turning the handy up to warp speed really isn’t my jam.

I was going to script another typical POV BJ scene, I think instead I will do a slow VR compilation.

Hit the like if you would like to see this :heart:


:point_up: :point_up:

This. For some reason I find pretty much all scripts available too fast, and until theHandy gets spline mode, somewhat jerky at direction change. I am very glad many people enjoy them however :grinning:

A slow VR compilation would be :100: I hope you create a 4K video file as well.

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I’ll do my best mate, any recommendations on a video editor. I have a couple but down to try something else.

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I dont have a specific one in mind since I have not put a compilation together yet. I have used Wondershare Filmora for making clips in the past though. Their free trial version comes with a cutter tool that does not leave watermarks.

This compilation will be first of its kind as we are clearly in the minority here :slight_smile: The rest of Eroscripts seems to favor speedy-gonzalez bunny speeds :grinning:

Looking forward.

This is turning out to be much harder than I anticipated, don’t expect this script any time soon. I’ll post an update as I make progress.


No worries at all. Creating a compilation and scripting it has to be time consuming.

I will add this, if you make the compilation and a matching script, it will be the only one among the very few scripts that cater to those who prefer slow scripts. Monetize it. I would be very happy to pay for this as my first paid script.

FWIW this problem was my original motivation for making FunHalver, which now lives in the Modify tab at

Makes a script half as fast, but maintains the sync cadence (turns an up+down stroke into alternating up and down strokes, so up-down-up-down becomes up-down) - makes VR scripts actually playable :smiley:


no new script updates?