Slow smooth speed increase with a few surprises in it?

Hey all! New here and think the community is fascinating. I’m a launch user and have discovered I like the smooth slowly increasing speed videos like : Salon DeSade’s JOY .

Or long slow speed increase scripts that are never going to slow down only increase until it’s full blast with a timer to see how long you made it.

I know these aren’t requests directly more like “do more videos like this exist?”

If it’s in the wrong place I’ll delete!

Thanks everybody!

Have a look at this software:

It has support for patterns, speed increase and randomization etc. and it does not require to sync to a video. Make sure to read through the thread to understand how it works and don’t forget to download the file since that contains some pre-generated templates for what I think you might be looking for. See this post in the thread above for example:


The handy is a totally new thing I’m am only just learning about since joining. Super interested. But, will these work with a launch?

Also thanks for taking the time to reply in such a detailed way.


HandyControl is not compatible with the Launch but you can use the script modification features to change existing funscripts or create and export your own patterns and then play them with ScriptPlayer (Launch compatible).

Funscripts work on both apps.

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So handybaxeipts cans be exported to use in syncydnk?


Oops, I don’t know what happened there! “Handy scripts” is what that was supposed to say.

Never mind I read more and see it does export to use launch style script in syncydink

Oh, sorry, I missed that you had a Launch. My bad :frowning:
Hopefully it can be useful anyway with the export feature.

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No worries! I suspect it will. I appreciate the help regardless, interested in this other device now too

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