Slower, more intimate VR cowgirl scripts

Wondering if anyone has any recommendations on scripted, slower cowgirl VR scenes. Cowgirl where the girl is on top looking down is by far my favorite but most of the SLR scenes are way too fast for me. Something similar to the cowgirl scene in My Girlfriend: Nicole Aniston from NAVR.

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I agree with you that most of the cowgirl scenes are too fast, or at least the scripts conveys too much intensity for taste. I would say generally, most scripts are too intense for my taste. I have been scripting a blowjob scene from SLR starring Diana Grace, and testing it with my SR6 to make a style that I like. She’s great because she does mostly no hands blowjobs, and she keeps the pacing fast enough to curl your toes, but then she slows it down. Most of the girls just go too fast a lot of the time, and the resulting scripts use strokes that are too long, so, to get nerdy, the velocity of the vagina or mouth on the longitudinal axis of the penile shaft is too high. :nerd_face:


JAV scenes/scripts have, by far, the best intimate cowgirl. Those parts are great even for people that don’t like JAV (i.e. censuring). In the cowgirl part, nothing is really censured since you only see the girl. Usually they are also slower than “western porn”.

For example:
SIVR-108 Aika Yumeno: girl looking down a few places (in part B and part D), sitting cowgirl at start of part D.
SIVR-115 Mahina Amane: girl looking down in the middle of part C, sitting cowgirl at start of part B.


I’ve honestly never thought to give JAV a try. I’ll definitely check these out. Thanks!

Alex Grey NAVR scene (there is a free script for it on this site).

There are a few on SLR: Kylie Quinn (make plays not grades), April Olsen (classy hussy), River Lynn (It’s Hot Inside)

VR Bangers Khloe Kapri scene (Cheating Girlfriend)

Thank you! That Khloe Kapri scene was EXACTLY what I was looking for

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