SLR AI generated scripts: latest updates

I tried a couple of these out last night and have commented on the Eyla Moore one. These are a total joke. Worse than any that NA ever put out, that I can recall, and NA have improved a lot in the meantime. These are about level or slightly above the utter garbage on the POVR site, and they don’t have the nerve to offer them for sale. If the plan is to get better as you go along, it’s a terrible plan as you’re already offering the best scripts available thanks to the likes of RC etc, and these are close to the worst. It’s like being able to get a great steak and a shit sandwich at the same restaurant. I’m quite amazed at this and would really be fascinated to hear the thinking behind it.


If you must release these very weak AI scripts to generate user feedback, maybe release them as Betas for free in a limited capacity? Not as commercial product alongside the great stuff you already have out there.


these are worse than the old kiiroo scripts for naughty america site

all your scripts go through a QA process right? why are these an exception?


It’s got a decent start but clearly you aren’t doing any quality control. There’s so many jittery movements when it gets fast or strokes become very off.

I don’t understand why no one thought to put that extra work in. Especially when you charge for it.


What happened to this idea? I thought automated scripts were supposed to be separated. I kinda feel it will hurt script creators in the process. Imagine if you go to SLR, buy one of these scripts and then think every single script on the site is like it which is not true. I’m super suprised @realcumber let you put this next to his scripts, wtf.


It used to be that I could trust that every script on SLR was top quality, but now since I can’t see any way to tell who the script author is before buying, I can’t trust any script on SLR.


You can see the author’s screen name on the Interactive tab.
AI Script

I will have to admit though if you ignore hindsight, it wasn’t exactly clear at first if these were AI or just made by a scripter named “Al Script”. LOL, I had to check to see if it was ai/AI or al/AL


Thanks! I searched around for something like that and couldn’t find it. Guess it was right under my nose, or maybe they just added that to the site after I checked

The problem I have with this is simple:
If a video has already been scripted by AI does that mean that a human won’t script it anymore because it’s already “scripted” even though the scripts are basically so low quality they’re unusable? If so then even though I’ve been considering buying a subscription, I will have to hold off on it.


Yeah to be fair it always shows you the scripter’s name when you try to buy it, but just calling it ‘AI Script’ is a bit confusing. There should be an extra line saying ‘this is not done by our usual scripters but by an actual AI process’ and preferably it should also add ‘and it’s shit’. It is clearly already polluting the good name of SLR and people’s confidence in it, and should be pulled immediately IMHO.


There is a bit of confusion as ES Pro users expectedly react negatively to entry level scripts in alpha release :sweat_smile:

Yet it’s our first step in that direction. These exact scripts will be greatly revamped in the next iteration. If you can point out specifically what’s wrong that would be highly appreciated.

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Also there is AI annotation coming as the guys failed to release it in time. Will rename it today to ScriptAI (automated scripts).


Human will be able to script it, np. We will give craft scripts priority over automated. The problem is that we only got like 5% of videos craft scripted

Sorry about that. Things are moving too fast and we don’t have enough people to handle things.
Keep in mind these scripts will be updated from time to time. We really want to keep the single source of it without going back and changing links all over the place we posted it. Simply no people to handle the operation.

Trying to get it free and take it out of Scripts Premium download limit

I was just interested what do you thought would happen by handle the situation like this. I am in discussing with my boss about early releases of unfinish feature all the time and I still don’t understand decisions of too early releases without a clear communication to the customer.

SLR is a important part for the future of interactive toys and scripting so I always hope you do a great job. I think it is totally okay to use the community as testers as long there are a open communication and fair pricing. Best example are succesful early access games. They cost around 25% of a completed game, the communication is clear, the user is a part of the development journey and at the end, the user (tester) is getting rewarded with a quality product.


Really access sounds great.

I’m the one pushing most for release because things get stuck forever. Release is like the criterion of truth. This is how we track internal preformance.

Company has grown a lot and managing things is the biggest challenge atm we try to figure out.

On the other hand i can assure a lot of great things happening.

I appreciate that there’s software being developed and y’all are trying to script your whole library but these should have never made it out. These scripts are awful, I have an OSR2 and my shit literally got bashed lmfao. I’m pretty sure this would be better suited as AI makes the rough draft and a person makes the final.


Releasing updated scripts based on received feedback some time next week :+1:

You can expect greatly improved automated scripts in some month from now once we implement labeling components.

It seems there are 5 motions where the new speed limitation logic failed. Will dig into that as well.

Seems like an easy fix to the complaints that the scripts are work in progress. Update the thumbnails with a banner saying AI Scripts - Early Access and make sure that if anyone does decide to buy them that they are effectively a draft.

I would also suggest making it so they dont use subscribers 3 a month allowance or at least make it so if it does, it permanently unlocks the script otherwise it will use the allowance again when people download the updated script.

In regards to making them free to everyone not just subs im not sure how much useful feedback you would get. Subs are already invested in the AI getting better while lurkers are unlikely to leave feedback.


Thank you for the feedback! We are working on labelling and separating them properly from regular scripts to avoid further confusion.