SLR deprecates Bluetooth in 2024, Server connection to become a standard

Because of frequent connectivity issues and low script security SexLikeReal will be deprecating Bluetooth devices working via Haptics Connect starting from some time in 2024.

This was communicated with major manufacturers including Kiiroo and Lovense. Server setup like Handy is much more advanced and we will be looking to promote a standard protocol across the industry.

By 2024 we should have SLR device up and running so you can enjoy a great substitute. Putting a lot of effort to level the whole experience up SLR interactive sex toy in the making - SLR community forum for the best VR porn videos


Will it still be possible to downoad funscripts for local use?

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I wonder when exactly this decision was communicated to the Kirroo and Lovense. Could this be the reason for the high discounts they are pushing to sell products like the Onyx+? Thats kinda messed up.



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The 2 are unrelated. None of these manufacturers really cares about VR. They do have some generic interest like you would normally have for any segment of your market, yet VR is a very different in that aspect and a market in itself for haptics.

We are strategically invested in haptics as it greatly contributes to VR visuals. Handy greatly overwhelmes any other device on SLR and we see a huge potential to level up the game there with more haptics products coming to the market from us.

I also think it would be great for the whole industry to find a way for a common standard. We will be very open about that.

If you manage that, please make sure it’s an open standard, not a proprietary solution to corner the market among a few actors. Even the big players like Microsoft has finally understood that proprietary is the wrong way to go (only Apple left to come to their senses, but I guess legislation will take care of that for them otherwise).


Ive never had connectivity issues with BLE.
I use that more with my scripts with buttplug these days because I have more issues with http.

Also http depends on the handy API. I hope you dont intend on creating a market dependancy for yourself. Valve made the steamdeck and SteamOS to avoid market dependance on Windows.


So… SLR announces their new toy is in the making and now decides it’s a good idea to not let people stream scripts to most toys of their competitors. A coincidence?


That be me out then. as long as both video and script are still downloadable then no issue. The more companies force perma online connectivity though the less I’ll use it. Shame…their business though.


of course, its buisness, SLR wants to be number 1 in this field and will do what they need to make that happen, this is normal, how the world we live in works

If I had to guess, I would say that they will also do something similar to the Handy script tokens. In case you don’t know what that is:
But let’s hope that they won’t do something like that.

Sure, their buisness, their decision. On the other hand they can lose a lot of customers who don’t want to spend money on extra storage for all those scripts with videos and force people who use Keon / Lovense to look for other solutions then DeoVR.

Putting it behind safety of scripts is delusional. With motion tracking all you need to pirate streamed scripts is a camera, the Handy and a red dot on it. Wi-Fi or not, it won’t make a difference.


Will the OSR2/SR6 still be supported?

Technically, it’s not using haptic connect, but, if the goal is to “secure” scripts, I guess it will be blocked as well and only support “closed” devices.

One thing is for sure, I will not buy another device for the sole “advantage” of script security (and a few disadvantages compared to the OSR2/SR6).

Anyway, for me, it’s a wait-and-see. I’m already using my own scripts 90% of the time, so, it would not be the end of the world to lose access to SLR scripts, if it comes to that.

@RotiRoh I came to the same conclusion as you about script safety. Any DRM is a lost cause for something like a funscript.


IMO, the only way for SLR to ‘win’ is to give customers a great experience so that a majority of people will prefer to pay, instead of the hassle of stealing (see Steam for a great example). I say “majority” because some people will never become your customer, whatever you do. You should not base your strategy around them.


Swell. We’re stuck with a 2 star app to run our toys.

So far, since SLR is deprecated on my phone, I’ve had random disconnects (Keon), one script will load and stay resident while other videos are playing, no new scripts will load, and it will tell me it’s playing a script while the toy does nothing (but it still has connection and control if you switch to manual.) All these different errors in a half hour period. This app is junk.

Someone please tell me that someone is working on fixing this app

Are you having issues using HapticsConnect? It’s not only about the app, but the toy itself. Handy shows much better connectivity than bluetooth devices. that’s why we are deprecating.

Oh please please please write the SW for tracking a handy and extracting a close approximation of the DRMed script. I’m all for rewarding creators (and I just bought a bunch of scripts from VRB and VRConk and I will continue doing so), but not at the expense of destroying the customer experience.

Btw Kiiroo will be switching to wifi connectivity. We are talking to them

What does this all mean for people who have the kiiroo keon now? will i have to buy a new toy in 2024? i pretty recently spent $300 on it…

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Let’s see when we get there

As much as bluetooth sucks (though I’d say most companies just have shit engineering too), I can’t see this being a net benefit for consumers.

The “Wifi to the server” solution locks hardware users to whatever servers the chip in the toy wants to talk to, unless this is built with some way to redirect services off domains. With the network solutions (or lack thereof) I’ve seen so far, I do not trust manufacturers to get this right. Or even care to in the first place.

Really not looking forward to having to teach users about DNS redirects so they can use their own toys again.