SLR: Introducing OSR new firmware

Introducing “Haptics configurator” - a tool for uploading, updating & configuring firmware for OSR devices. The firmware is based on ESP-IDF SDK, runs FreeRTOS & supports Serial / BLE / WiFi data input & serial configuration. Firmware updater Tool to upload & update OSR firmware on ESP32 MCU. Press “How to” button on the Uploader page for instructions. Firmware configurator

  • Press “Connect to Serial Device” button & select serial port device is connected to.
  • Device configurations is printed in log console after the board is connected.
  • Select active input interface, servo-motor GPIOs and calibration values & press “Send configuration” button.
  • Press “Reset/EN” button or reconnect the board to apply configuration

Serial Input Mode Device receives T-Code data through USB serial port as in original Arduino firmware. BLE Mode Firmware is supported in Haptics Connect application for local BLE streaming. iOS & Android builds will be soon available in stores. WiFi Mode T-Code data is collected from web-socket server. After configuring wifi credentials and resetting the board, IP address is printed in console log after connection to the network. You can use this address to send WebSocket data from web-server to OSR device.

Testing connection Ayva-Stroker application was used to test serial & wifi data streams.

Also available with WebXR web player. You can now connect your device to SLR straight from browser (Available on Chrome)

Coming soon: OSR will become compatible with SLR and Haptics connect on Quests and other supported headsets

Manufacturing note: we can make our firmware work with every device manufacturer. If it has ESP32 MCU - process will be quite fast, for everything else we can discuss separate cases. Please reach out to me for potential partnership opportunities!

If you want to leave some feedback, don’t hesitate to do so in the comments or on our forum thread.

Any questions - let me know :slight_smile:


Should i do this on sr6?

I asked the team to test performance on SR6, but every device with ESP32 MCU should be working with it with no problem
In the configurator 5 inputs for servomotors can be configured

I tried using this to update the firmware, but now my device doesn’t respond. It says “Firmware updated successfully”. It may have to do with the last step “Reconnect the board or press “Reset/EN” button.” I’m not sure what it means. I thought I would just have to unplug and then replug everything but perhaps I’m misunderstanding. I’ll disconnect the usb and power, reconnect and try to press the power the button. The LED is on but it will not start in the home position and is unrecognized when I try to pair it to XTPlayer. I have also retried this by directly pressing the RESET/EN button but nothing seems to happen

Let me check with the team what might be the issue here and I will get back to you

Oh boy, this was my fear

“I thought I would just have to unplug and then replug" - yes, that what it should be like.
For the XTPlayer - we do not yet support this, but I have requested to the team that we add it. I will update you once I have news.

Just as an update: I reflashed from a different source and now my device works again. So I can at least confirm that the device was not completely bricked

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Just a note to owners of g90ak Edition OSR2+‘s, I have had 2 separate reports of my customers’ devices being bricked by the SLR firmware. Reflashing other firmwares regain functionality, but is not fun - servos will need to be re-leveled and options re-input.

For owners of g90ak Edition OSR2+'s, I would recommend not using this firmware until more testing is completed.

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Looking into it. going to make things work :+1: