SLR Originals for scripting feedback

Hey guys

Just wanted to check with script creators and viewers how SLR Originals Videos: Download Best 360 Full VR Porn | SexLikeReal work with interactive scripts.

Is there anything we can do on production or post-production side of things to make things better?

Also we will start SLR Harem series with 15-20 girls. Anything you are interested in?

Also just a quick update:

  • iOS support for bluetooth devices is coming in mid Dec;
  • Windows version with OSR2 support;
  • Lovense Max2 and Nora support
  • easy management for script creators with legal entity
  • started testing machine learning scripting tool that is greatly improving timing precision at much lesser scripting time.

VR and Scripted Harem will be nice, Can’t wait for the girls :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Harem +1 can be really good

personally i dont like harem scenes too many chances of a girl that i dislike and she ruins the scene for me (for example in a vrbangers scene there where three girls that i really liked but when i saw tina kay was in it i cancelled the download. i can only think off one harem scene that i liked the virtualrealporn’s 12 girls (6 girls) black edition.

I’d rather have or a high quality lesbian scene (with a lot of close ups) like brazzers make them, Or a non-pov or mixed pov scene.

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Script integration at SLR (at least with DeoVR and The Handy) is actually pretty great. There’s some hiccups here and there–mostly involving getting reconnected if it gets disconnected in the middle (usually have to toggle it on and off a couple times), but it’s otherwise pretty seamless once you get it set up.

The scripts themselves are fairly consistent in terms of quality. Some are better than others, but I don’t think I’ve run into any that I would describe as poor quality in the way that some of those old MilfVR or NAVR scripts were, so quality control is solid.

Hopeful that the AI thing works out, though, because at the moment the vast majority of scripts are for fairly vanilla/tame content. Granted, most content is vanilla/tame at this stage of VR, but there’s some great niche stuff tucked away on SLR that I know will never be scripted as is because it’s just not very marketable. Making it possible to have basically everything scripted is definitely the dream.

Harem series sounds amazing. Especially if there’s any decent framing around it (in terms of why there’s a harem, for instance).


Some of the more niche stuff is starting to get scripted, but I’d love to hear more specifically what you’re looking for (feel free to DM me if you prefer).

Speaking only for myself, the issue with a lot of the more niche content is that the quality just isn’t there on a lot of it… I’d be lying if I said broad appeal isn’t one of the considerations when deciding what to script, but I find myself getting away from that more lately and just scripting what I want to script regardless of how I feel it will do. I tend to alternate between something I think will sell and something that I just want to do that may not be as popular (or popular at all). It’s hard to keep focus for 10-20 hours of work, and much harder if it isn’t something you want to script.

@doublevr - Looking forward to getting iPhone integration working again! A native Windows app would also be greatly appreciated, rather than jumping through all the hoops. The easier it is, the broader appeal it will have!

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I personally prefer 1 on 1 scenes over harem scenes in VR. What annoys me the most about scenes with multiple girls is that they feel more fake than the regular stuff. Girls in the background are overdoing it trying to outperform each other in moaning when there isn’t even anything happening.

Overacting comes across way worse in VR than with regular 2D porn and in my experience the more people are involved the more fake it ends up being.

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I love the idea of experiencing a Harem scene and I would say one of the best videos to potentially start with on your site might be

this one

this one : Naughty List of Mrs. Claus - Christmas Special Porn Parody Pornstar VR Orgy

or this one :

Big fan of your work !

I’d really like to see a scene directed for a script in mind or someone develop a killer script and direct the action to match the script.

Something I thought would be great is to control the script within the video player itself. Start/stop, slow down/speed up, and increase/decrease stroke length. Sometimes the scripts are too intense :smirk:

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it all depends on what you call vanilla/ tame/niche of course, but i just scripted a femdom tease and denail cuckold handjob scene its definitly niche. But yeah we need to script the “popular” scenes as that simply generates the most income. the “niche” videos like the one i did are done because i wanted to do it for myself not as a smart business choice.

i might be wrong but i thought you could set the limit on stroke length in scriptplayer. And im not an IT guy but it might not be that hard to incorporate a increase/decrease length button in the other apps (i only use scriptplayer so i have no idea how it works in the other aps)

You definitely can along with speed! It’s bit annoying to do though because you need to pause and switch out of the player then go to script player to change it. It’s a nice to have feature but probably not worth building in the current landscape of VR + funscripts.

First off hats off to you guys for imo making the best quality vr videos. 200 Fisheeye vr is step up from other sites as it has best quality and immersion I’ve found so far :heart: I just started using keon with direct quest 2 local playback method and only issue been having is that sometimes while using, the WiFi will drop and than have to mess around to get it connected again to slr. Likely because my WiFi is not great. I read around some others having this issue as well. Not sure if possible but if you guys could make it so don’t need to be online to work this problem wouldn’t exist

Would love to see some reproduced scenes in 180 3D

also prefer 1 on 1 scenes, and some with oil would be awesome

Here we go Getting all set for SLR Harem series - SLR community forum for the best VR porn videos

More is yet to come