SLR passthrough in the making

Dd you know you can see your own body and the place inside VR video?

That’s what passthrough feature is for. We are still investigating it, but it feels really cool and definitely gives you some new experiences. Ultimately it’s going into something like this SexLikeReal is working on the most exciting developments in VR porn right now (watch the video with handstracking)
This what has been posted before. Will be making our own tutorial soon

  1. In DeoVR / Sleep App it works with every video, but works best with videos that have black or dark backgrounds.
  1. Set up the stationary guardian.
  1. Set up the „Add Your Couch to VR“ or whatever the option is called in the Experimental Settings.
  1. Make the couch as small as you can.
  1. During a video, Leave the Stationary Boundary area and go to the couch, but sit outside of the couch enough to where of the room starts to blend with the VR image. And just move accordingly to get the balance of room to VR right and it will be here as if the address is in your space.
  1. This is the most important part. You have to adjust the horizontal alignment in the Apps‘ video options to get the right scaling and distance of the actress. Just play with the video settings.

We just setup a link for all the passthrough videos Passthrough VR Porn Videos Passthrough VR Sex | SexLikeReal. Will keep it updated


I guess this is a Quest only feature as of now?

Probably valve index as well with upcoming updates

Will be interesting to see how good the colour passthrough is on Metas next headset, that could be a game changer

Still a little trippy but love the direction we are headed.

Hopefully im young enough when they develop a VR situation like in that movie Minority report that connects straight to your brain to make you feel whatever fantasy you desire.

Probably too far away before im too old to enjoy it though. Sad

it takes some troubleshooting to get a good experience, especially setting up the couch and having the right AR balance, but very very cool. excited for the future!

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I’ve invited Lyra Law, Penny Pax, Tera Patrick, Ela Darling, Katy Jayne and Kenzie Taylor to my humble home Index passthrough + SLR for a semi-surreal pornstar experience

See passthrough in action on Valve Index. Credit to our QA :fire:

That’s how he did it Index passthrough + SLR for a semi-surreal pornstar experience - SLR community forum for the best VR porn videos

Yet another chromakey video we have made specifically for passthrough Getting to know Jade Kimiko - SLR Originals | SexLikeReal

Very intriguing! Cant wait to try this!..