[SOLD] OSR2+ for sale + AC adapter + Monitor Arm Mount + Fleshlight Case: €130

Bought it some time ago to a guy in RealTouchScripts, but for me it’s too strong and I ended up not using it. I’m currently using the Onyx+ and The Handy. It works without any issue.

Price: €130 + shipping costs

The package includes:

Let me know if you have any question.

I’d be interested

Still on sale. New price $130, and shipping everywhere.

Hi i’d be interested in buying this if it is still available

Also interested!

It’s still available, write me a private message if you are interested! Be mind I’m in Spain and the box is heavy (around 6kg) mainly because of the arm, that means shipping to USA would be around €50.

Me interesa… no se como abrirte md ::

I’m sorry, it’s already sold!