[Solved] I got a couple of question about scripting, anyone willing to answer?

I have the means to script now & I’ve some questions before I start. I know nothing about scripting and yes I will go through the post about it but before that I’d prefer these questions answered. (To any who respond, please be as specific as possible in your reply)

  1. 40 min video, what would be a typical script period?
    Besides of course life, I’m talking about time actually spent scripting if available. Too vague a question?

  2. Would using the Handy on a prop while scripting be beneficial in any way? May be a stupid question but here ya go

  3. Am I about to start learning a skill? If I wanna be accurate, is scripting something I’m gonna be spending a lot of time doing as if learning a skill - is what I mean.

[Edit] Alright, thank you everyone. I will take all this info and begin scripting. See ya in a week or 2, hopefully with some quality work.

  1. I think I am a slower scripter, but I also script while watching videos or steams, 40 minutes might take me 6-8+ or so hours while multi-tasking. There is also a learning curve to where you are comfortable estimating depth/feel on playback. The biggest thing is just getting time in and seeing how you like it. Also the precision in playback/feel you are looking on varies immensely depending on the toy you’re using. My scripting has become much more precise after getting the OSR2 because it actually mattered and on the Handy you couldn’t really tell. On some machines like the Keon/Launch it literally will not respond exactly how it is scripted by it’s limitations so look into that as well.

  2. Prop isn’t really necessary I just grab a snip from the scene I am working on:

  1. Yes it’s a skill. Learning it isn’t that hard it’s just about not being sloppy. Stay consistent and check your work on a playthrough before uploading is really all it requires. As I said in #1 is that the depth checks will become easier and easier as you script
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There are tons of methods to scripting. You can go classic frame by frame (will take waay longer but your scripts will be better), you can just plot the bottom and top points to make a skeleton script and go back to add finer details, you can motion track and then edit the script manually. You’ll develop a style as you go. There’s someone on this site, who will remain nameless, that uses a digital sketch pad (instead of a controller, and his scripts turn out really well actually. - I personally recommend going frame by frame and I wouldn’t tackle a 40min video first. - you may get disheartened before finishing. Find a 3 min comp of something you enjoy and give that a go is my suggestion. Then once u get into the swing of things do the long videos ALSO WATCH HUSKY’S VIDEO TUTORIAL SERIES FOR SCRIPTING AND MAKE SURE YOU RUN THE VIDEOS U WANNA SCRIPT THROUGH HANDBRAKE TO MAKE THEM 30fps 1080p SO OFS WILL BE FLUID WHILE YOUR SCRIPTING

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I would say a 40 min script could take you a week or more it depends on how much time per day you can set a side for scripting its a slow tedious process, can be best to break it up a bit 40 minutes is a long video for your first script. maybe try a 6 minute video first.

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I’m also new the scripting here is the tutorial I decided to go with, it is very thorough and extremally helpful. Like others have mentioned already I strongly reccomend making a handful of shorter scripts to get the hang of it, and remember you’ll get better over time.

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depends on the video if its a fap hero theres a program setup i have i use to auto click when it detects a circle reaching the beat point this makes things take less time it does down points only then i have plugin that can auto fill the top points probably would take 2.5 hrs using this method doing it by hand probably 3 - 4 hours

if it was a video with movement you wanted to capture i also have a plugin that can track movement and makes things more accurate but it also still takes alot of time but it would maybe cut the video script time down to 2 hours probably 4 - 5 by hand

doing things by hand tends to be most accurate but it takes too much time, this is unavoidable for something like an hmv that requires points based on audio but these also tend to be shorter and take alot less time

typically depending on the video type, cock or fap hero, hmv or pmv, or a movement script. it can take about an hour per 10 minutes or more

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My first script was 30min and it took a while, probably around 10 hours to learn everything while I was scripting it. I come from a video editing background, which includes motion tracking, and that helps a bit. I script frame by frame, which is the longest but most accurate way to script. Now it takes me roughly 1-2 hours per 10min of scriping frame by frame.

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