SOLVED: The Handy: set up problems - cannot connect to any device at all

Hey community :slight_smile:
since I dont get an answer of the handy support I am writing here to you as my last hope ;(
Have tried everything I could find on the internet.
Here is where I am standing:

my whole internet source is my smartphone (iPhone) hotspot - I can even play shooter games with it so it really runs smooth
I managed to set up the wifi connetion via handyverse smartphone app - my wifi is my smartphone hotspot which is now stored on my handy device
I got the connection key (tried with changing it, shorten it etc. already as some other threads told me to) and I got the 3.2.1xxxx firmware version

I am aware that I need to be on the “pink” color light mode to connect to online services and not on the blue one, since this one is only for the set up needed:
I tried to connect via smartphone app to the handy - didnt work
I tried to connect via smartphone browser - didnt work
I tried to connect via PC and the feeling website - didnt work
I tried to connect via one of my laptops, also via feeling website - didnt work…

Does anyone here have any idea or tips on how to get this to work?
it is slowly getting me to freak out :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks so much in advance!

Is your handy actually connecting to the internet via wifi? It should flash pink quickly when you first put it into wifi mode and once connected it will flash pink slowly. If it doesn’t connect it should revert from pink to green again after a couple of minutes of trying to connect and if it does connect it will continue to flash pink slowly as long as it’s connected.

Sorry to start so basic but this is most often the problem.

One thing to understand that will help troubleshooting…your browser URLs, PC, apps, etc., (I’ll call them “controlling device”) do not connect directly to the handy when using wifi. The handy connects, over wifi, directly to the Sweet Tech (corporate name for the makers of the handy) servers, in your case via your phone hotspot. All communications to your handy come from the servers. To use the handy with wifi you effectively must establish 2 connections to the Sweet Tech (ST) servers, one for the handy and a second for your controlling device.

Here’s a brief synopsis of what happens when you play a video and script through a website to help clarify. When you select play the website contacts the Sweet Tech servers and sends the script along with your unique handy code you entered into the website, that’s how ST knows where to pass the script onto. ST servers then send the script to your handy where it loads into memory on the handy and starts the script.

There’s obviously more to it than that but that’s the basics and should help you troubleshoot. Using local videos and scripts, say on your PC with software like ScriptPlayer via wifi, still passes all info to the ST servers in a similar way as described above. Most people do not understand that ALL information, when using wifi, passes through the ST server and that their handy is not directly connected to their controlling device. This sounds like I’m being pedantic but when troubleshooting you need to know the ST servers are in the loop between your video (controlling device) and handy.

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hi Jason and thank you so much for taking your time to give me such a detailed answer!

first of all what my biggest fear is is the question if it even is possible to connect and get it to work via just a smartphone hotspot? because I feel there has to be a way since connection is connection?

well it reverts from pink to green after like 5 seconds mostly - it goes slowly flashing pink to quick red/pink switch
so how can I check properly if my two connections to the ST servers are working?

just went through it again, so:
If I go with the handyverse app I can connect to the handy: “Handy has stored credentials for: “my smartphone hotspot name”
connection key
firmware 3.2.1xxxx”
when I am at this point the handy still has the blue light shining.

as soon as I hit the connection button on my handy again it goes back to the “configure Handy” screen on the app and the light turns green on the handy

now the next step I would take is to get to the pink light by just pressing once on the button and I try to connect to the handyverse remote by adding the connection key - the pink light turns blinking red/pink after few seconds and thats it

It should be possible according the TheHandy FAQ:

Can the Handy™ work on open guest networks such as hotels or airports?
No, the Handy cannot connect to managed networks that use a captive portal. In such situations, our suggestion is to connect your Handy™ to a hotspot on your phone or PC.

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thank you so much!
one fear less :heart_eyes:

so I tried it again on every device I have - the last step I can manage to reach is the one with the multiverse app or in the browser but I cannot get past that pink flashing light turning red/pink for not connecting…

Searching for “hotspot” in Handy Discord I found a few messages that might be worth looking at.

I’ve been having this nonsense problem pretty much ever since I bought my handy years ago, where it would just REFUSE to connect to a wifi network it’s already been connected to the past. I tried pretty much everything dozens of times(downgrade firmware, upgrade firmware, tried upgrading router firmware, using my computer to broadcast a hotspot and using that, etc. etc. etc.), only to discover that if I turn my handy on, and wait 15 seconds before telling it to connect to a wifi network, it works. If this continues to work consistently in the future… then I only have to say that your technical support bot on your website indeed has excellent instructions. I wish I had known to wait 15 seconds years ago though, would have saved a lot of frustration and time.

I am having trouble connecting The Handy to my iPhone 12 wifi hotspot
I turn on my hotspot, enable ‘Maximize Compatability” and my hotspot name shows up in the list of scanned connections in the Handyverse iOS app
But when I choose my hotspot and type in my password, it is unable to connect
My laptop is able to connect to my iPhone hotspot and use the internet, why not the handy?

Holy shit I found the solution
Cellular → Data Mode → [Standard]
I had “Allow more data on 5G” enabled, which I think was the problem

Also note that TheHandy only support 2.4GHz WiFi. It isn’t compatible with 5GHz so you might need to configure your hotspot on the phone to use 2.4GHz (on iOS it’s supposed to be called compability mode, don’t have an iPhone so I don’t know for sure).


may you never bite your tongue while drinking! ;D

the last one did the trick - it was all because of the standard 5GHz on my iPhone 13… I cant believe that this tip is almost nowhere to find :open_mouth:
thank you soo soo much <3

and yes it is called compability mode :smiley:

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