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Some videos not working on Quest 2 (Unsupported Format)

Hey all.

I recently purchased a quest 2, and am trying to watch videos via DLNA using DEO VR.
All my files are known to be working with my old headset (Lenovo WMVR) using the SLR app, but some give an an unsupported format error on the quest 2.

Here is one example:
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 2048x2048 59.94fps 11895kbps [V: Alias Data Handler [eng] (h264 baseline L5.1, yuv420p, 2048x2048, 11895 kb/s)]
Audio: AAC 48000Hz stereo 317kbps [A: Alias Data Handler [eng] (aac lc, 48000 Hz, stereo, 317 kb/s)]

Any ideas what I need to do to get this file to play? I don’t mind re-encoding it or whatever, but it seems H264 should work on the quest, so not sure what is wrong here, maybe because it has one eye on top and one below instead of side by side? But it works in SLR off my laptop so that’s interesting, didn’t try SLR via the deovr browser yet.

Note that I am using DEO VR so I can synch my scripts via scriptplayer without dealing with copying files to the quest. I would buy a SLR sub, but I usually modify my funscripts to be slower, so that doesnt really help me here.

Any help would be appreciated!

I think I have the same or a similar problem. Some of the VR videos I have downloaded in 4k don’t want to play in DEOVR. I just assumed it was because the quest 2 could only run 1080p and maybe it was too much information to be sending to the device. But maybe someone else has a theory.

Just wanted to post a quick update; I switched to using PLEX DLNA server instead of the windows built in DLNA serer and I have not come across this error on any videos including the one above.

@Teasey, FYI I believe the Quest 2 is good for up to 8k, I have been able to play up to 6k using PLEX without any issues EDIT: haven’t tried 8k just to clarify, it might work.

Very happy with this setup. Was pretty plug and play as well, just had to configure an existing library (ex. Movies) to point to the folder with the videos, and I just set an IP rule to only allow access from the quest’s IP.

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