Splitscreen PMV


i was wondering how people made 3 way split screen PMV without losing the videos or getting blackbars. As i have tried in sony veas but the renders are full og wrong sized videos and blackbars.

thanks in advance for any help

I have no idea about Sony Vegas, because I’ve never used it. I’ve used Davinci Resolve and it’s very easy to make perfect split screens with it.

If you want to try another video editing software than Sony Vegas, I’d recommend checking out Davinci Resolve. It’s free and easy to use, but gives tones of features for advanced users and editing.

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Do you mean something like this? (See preview)

When you render your video make sure the dimension matches the one in your project setting. Sony Vegas comes with render templates which you may wanna edit according to need.

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tried davinci,very usefull for split screen!, any tips on the resolution that would be best?

Resolution in general or what exact resolution do you mean?

yeah general resolution of the project. if there was a better one than 1920-1080

I’d always go for 1920x1080. 4k only makes sense if the raw material is also in 4k. You could render 1080p material in 4k, but it also increases the file size by quite a bit.

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