SR6 All the Way for Sale - USA (Seattle area)

I got an SR6 all the way from Mosaic / Your Hobbies Customized delivered Nov 25th, 2022 (have documentation regarding delivery date), and unfortunately, the setup, noise levels and size of the thing make it impractical for me to use. Paid ~$710, selling for $600.

Can drop off in the Seattle area, or ship to anywhere in the US. Buyer pays shipping.

Updated original post to clarify - it was only delivered yesterday.

I decided it’s not going to work pretty much as soon as I plugged it in and heard how loud it was.

sent a dm

Lol I had the same reaction when I first got mine :smile: It feels amazing, so the noise is a small price to pay. Good noise cancelling headphones also helped.

Indeed, using some in-ears that seal well for this reason. I also throw a blanket over the whole thing which cuts down the noise even more.

How loud is it exactly? lol

Well, 6-7 servo’s moving together-loud. I’m using the coreless (blue) servo’s and with them the sound is tolerable (the red, 20kg servos, are much louder in my experience).
If you’re alone in the house/appartment you can expect privacy. If you’re not, I believe its hard not to hear the SR6 moving during faster scenes. It is still easily muffled with in-ears and a blanket but very noticeable none the less. I have no experience with the super expensive (brushless) servo’s. Periodically lubricating the gears has a positive effect on noise and longevity.

Is this s available?