SR6 vs Nimble stroker?

Both are expensive high end male masturbators ($700-1000 not counting extra stuff or the sleeves), the former being a product that you can buy completed (I don’t have the time or tools to DIY) and the latter is a milker.

I do have a Handy, and although it’s great, the limitation of only going up and down pales in comparison to the ability of the SR6 to twist, angle and go in multiple axis, along with heating. The Nimble stroker on the other hand is a milker that actually squeezes and sucks, which is something I can’t get any other way with other toys or the SR6. The SR6 can be rigged to custom scripts and plenty of online content and videos, the Nimble stroker for now doesn’t, but might in the future? Both are also gonna have some waiting period, but I don’t mind that.

What do you think? Which one would you say is better, if I can only choose 1?
Given the audience I’m posting to and what you have experience in, I would imagine you would likely recommend the SR6. But keeping in mind I already have the Handy… should I seek the very different option with the milker, or pursue the peak of scripted strokers through the SR6?

Seems that the Nimble stroker has got some community support for being connected:

I assume you have to replace the original firmware though so it is a kind of hack and might void warranty.

This is a link to someone trying to reverse engineer the Nimble interface:

Based on the Twitter account for Nimble you can argue if the Nimble is more of a product than the SR6. (see pictures in tweets from July 2022).

Both can be bought pre-built with your selection of customization.

Dont expect too much from it! Its entire design to me doesnt realy indicate very strong suction/pressure. Sure, at 0 movement it can provide that, but a v2k can provide such suction at 600RPM (note, those speeds are modified devices - basicly a stronger motor). The entire v2k (or tremblr) have their pressure and suction for milking in the receiver. Thats where everything happens. But its the external motor that decides how strong it can be.

And on that, there is already an even better system: the serious kit. Instead of using a rotation based motor, they use a compressor to create an even stronger vaccuum/pressure cycle. And since its a constant system, its very likely going to be possible that at some point script capabilities will be possible. Sure, that might not be SK, but some other random compressor being used. But thats not why its superiour.

The reason why is because a constant running system with some valves can provide a very dynamic result. And the SR6 is on that moddable to such degree that its very likely support for this is going to be made the moment compressors suitable for this become cheap enough (for now you are looking at prices well above the SR6 itself - note, for satefy cutting costs isnt viable here, misuse with vacuum pumps is dangerous). It only takes someone to make a system that can ensure safety and compatibility with an SR6, and it would make the v2k* and nimble instantly obsolete.
*the v2k has an advantage: BDSM

And note, those latex sleeves they use for compression could be made to compress onto a fleshlight sleeve. So it doesnt even require custom sleeves here. The latex sleeve however can be an issue as its not easy to make these yourself, so someone needs to sell these (and this is the biggest hurdle here).

I definitely would go for the sr6 here. It has a much better future. And not to forget: its effectively already an upgrade of an earlier stage.

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I dont have an sr6 but I do have the osr2.1+ which is basically the same. I also have the nimblestroker. To me the nimblestroker is better because it simply feels better, is much less likely to slip off (which imo is super important for a hands free masturbator), its easier to setup and put away. Both are great toys and I have tons of respect for the creators of both. I made an in depth review of the nimble stroker here:

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with either creator or product and this is my unbiased opinion.