StashDB OSR/SR6 Compatibility

I Just switched to using stash instead of… well a variety of highly categorized folders. I saw that it has handy capabilities, but I was wondering if anyone here uses it as a multimedia viewer with an osr or sr6 and if so have you tried it with multi-axis (if you have an sr6)?

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Unfortunatly there’s no simple way of that I know of. I’ve asked if we could get a time server function so it could be used with wuth MFP but was told no, they would like to add some sort of native support one day, but no one is working on it.

The only way I can use it is with a VR headset, the time server in Heresphere and and Stash VR Companion (the guy that made that added an option for me so it would send the file name to heresphere instead of the video title).

If Stash is running on the same device as you are watching on there’s a plugin that runs the video in an external vidoe player like VLC, that might work with MFP but I can’t try as Stash is running on my home server.

If anyone has another way of doing it I’d love to hear.

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Highly unfortunate that no one is working on this, it seems like it would be a very big quality of life increase for those who use both applications. It is to my understanding that there are several ways to view and use scripts, the main ways being the mfp as you mentioned, something I think called XTPlayer and I think some just straight up use ofs?

I wonder if any of those devs would be interested in working on this.

You have answered my question though, I will close this thread in a few days if no one else chimes in with some other workaround or idea surrounding this topic.

What’s the plugin? Been trying to do it that way a few days ago. If it can open the video in MPV player then it should work with MFP.

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Can’t find the one I was looking at a while ago, but Stash Helper says it will open vidoes in an extenal player. Should work with MFP if it opens the video with the file name, but it may send the title instead.

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Alright have played around with that plugin a little. It’s janky but works. Don’t choose Chrome or Edge as the browser in the installer, it doesn’t work. Firefox gave an error but worked.

Didn’t work with MPV because MFP wants will only see it if launched from with in MFP, the plugin will start it’s own MPV instance.

VLC works (need to enable the web interface), but if trying to start a new scene from the plugin it will launch another VLC and you will need to stop and start the connection from MFP. The plugin has a playlist function which does work.

MPC-HC works similar to VLC but if starting a new scene/playlist it takes over the same instance instead of starting a new one.

If running on the same machine as Stash it can find scripts by file name.
If running on another machine you need to enable the Stash repository in MFP. Unfortunately that means no multi axis scripts because Stash doesn’t support them yet.

Also I’m currently getting an error when clicking play in external player, but it works if I add it to a playlist then click send playlist to external player.

Just create a mpv.conf file next to mpv exe or dll and add input-ipc-server=multifunplayer-mpv line inside. You can do this to connect MFP to any software that uses mpv internally.

The stash repository first tries to use the video filename attached to the stash scene, so you can point the local repository to a folder with multi axis scripts and they will match.
If it does not match anything locally then it downloads the single axis script from stash.


Thanks I’ll try that!

Sorry this is what I was trying to say. This works if running on the same machine, but when running the plugin on another PC to the Stash server then the file name it see’s is ‘Stream’ so can’t match to any local repositories.

** eroscripts was rolled back so Im reposting this **

After this segment @stustustustu was able to figure this out with help from @Yoooi

I personally got lost at this point but I ask @stustustustu if you could show a step by step as to how you got this to work so that the community has a how-to?

if it is at all possible would you be able to provide a step by step on how to accomplish this task?

You have to enable Stash script repository in MFP, then use one of the supported video players to play the videos hosted by Stash. So either via DLNA or direct video stream.
Can’t really make a step by step because it depends on your setup.

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