Steer clear of Lelo F1s

I came across some reviews a few weeks ago (probably paid reviews, in retrospect) for the Lelo F1s and was intrigued enough to buy the dev kit version. I knew that it would not be very user-friendly as far as scripts, but I was intrigued enough by the technology that I was looking forward to programming it myself.

Well, I ran into a major roadblock before I could even start investigating the software: the device is not large enough to fit an average penis. Not just length, but width. Anything larger than ~1.6 inches in diameter won’t even get halfway into the red sleeve. This explains why there were so many real negative reviews where people were saying “it just vibrates; I don’t get it”. For most men it will only fit over the head of their erect penis and you’ll just pick up some of the residual vibration.

Looking at the dimensions of the device, it seems that it’s probably a small-scale prototype of the toy they’re trying to develop. I would bet money on it. My hunch is that they accidentally ordered too many of these miniature prototypes and decided to sell them as a “dev kit” to cover some of their losses. I’d go so far as to say that this feels like an outright scam, because the only indication that the device would be completely unusable for ~50%+ of users is a single bullet-point in the specs that mentions the max width.

Anyway, just wanted to give people a heads up so that you don’t waste money on it. I’m probably going to take it apart at some point to see if I can make something useful out of it, but in the meantime, feel free to reach out if you have any specific questions about it.


Agreed, the sleeve is uncomfortable and the opening is too shallow. Build quality is good but not ergonomic.

I’m with you there! I got it when it first came out, and while I initiall liked it “okay”, in the end, it was a flat out dud. The sleeve was a little too tight, and it was hard as fuck to clean out and dry. The fucking thing was loud too.Add to that the promise of a development kit too that was not followed through on, at least not in the time frame. I don’t know if they ever finally came out with it or not.