Strange sound after session

Hello guys. My handy started doing strange sound. I lubed screw with oil for my clipper’a blade. But things didn’t get better. My handy is only one month old. I’m sad now, any advices? Thanks !

It works perfectly but I’m worried about this sound…

That oil is way too thin to be useful with the Handy. Whatever you put in there probably was slung off the worm screw immediately upon first use. Many people use Super Lube Silicone Lubricating Grease with Syncolon (PTFE), part # 92003. If you can’t find that exact lube look for any food-grade lube that is very viscous (NLGI grade 2). Using a pea-sized amount on a cotton swab, the tube o lube will probably outlast your Handy.


As BuckNekkid mentioned above, use a food-grade lubricant for 3D Printers and CNC machine.

Also what kind of sound is it? Lubing can relieve sound from increased friction, but won’t resolve jarring noises results from a broken bearing, for example. If it is the latter, you can take a video of your device running and send it to They’ll send you a replacement if you bought the device from them.


I ordered lube for 3d printer. Gonna check if it helps in several days.

Is it possible for you to watch video and hear the sound. It appears in the middle of the way.

Just to add that, make sure it’s safe on skin at least!

Guess I’ll summon @handyAlexander for you…

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Thanks a lot !

Added 3 videos on different usage speed.

Maybe it works well, but It seems to me there is a problem …

Thanks a lot, you are completely right. I’ll test a bit later lube for 3D printers. Is it possible for you to check my videos on different speeds, I attached below. How do you think, it is working OK or not? compared you yours?

When I start hearing that notchy sound I know it is time to re-lube the Handy.

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Thanks a lot ! Hope my handy is OK)
Do you re-lube only screw, or even rolling thing on the bottom of the screw, too? Thanks !

Just the screw

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I’m not a fan of using a Q-Tip to apply the grease. The cotton on the end of the Q-Tip tends to get little strings of it into the grease and I worry about that getting in the mating part of the slider. Maybe I’m overthinking it? I use a small flat blade screwdriver to put the grease through the slot onto the screw.

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i want to order some of the lube for this can i have an amazon link

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thanks and holy crap i didnt know it was $20

Yup. It’s a bit high but it will probably outlast your Handy.

true that

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