Stream Scripts from SLR with PCVR (Steam)?

Is there a way besides becoming Multifunplayer Patreon to stream scripts from SLR on DeoVR on the PC? I just found out that Multifunplayer has implemented this function for patreon supporters on release 1.20 but is there any other application out there with the same functionality?

I have a Valve Index and just bought a Kiiro Keon. Sadly I first found out after buying that SLR/DeoVR on PC does not seem to support connecting the Keon and it seems it’s only possible with the phone. The only way I discovered to get all this to work is to download the videos and scripts from SLR with my browser, connect the Keon with intiface to my pc, play the videos with Whirligig and link the scripts with scriptplayer.

Im starting to get really pissed because I paid a ton of money for one year of SLR premium only to be able to download 3 scripts per month or stream them with my phone while my VR is on PC which seems to be not supported despite they state it as supported here (Complete Help Guide: Interactive Sex Toy Scripts (Handy, Kiiroo, Vorze, Lovense, Autoblow)).

I really hope I missed something and will be able to connect the Keon directly to DeoVR on my PC or that there is another workaround I dont have to pay even more money on. Thanks in advance for any help!

Forgot to mention that I think it may be possible with scriptplayer linked to DeoVR and then just steam but I wasnt able to try that because my scriptplayer is missing the option for DeoVR under video players. Yes I have the latest release (1.20) and already posted my issue on github but got no reply :frowning: But maybe it wont be possible anyways dot know

try script player

As I mentioned above my scriptplayer is missing the option for DeoVR.

I’m using a Quest 3 via PCVR. I have my Keon setup via Intiface and scripts via Scriptplayer v1.2.0.

DeoVR is definitely in there under the video player drop menu, i have to choose that option as it’s the only way that vids+scripts work through Heresphere on Steam.

Hi @svazan - thank you for being a subscriber

Your Keon and PC and Valve Index should definitely be working well through DeoVR with your membership

The mobile Haptics Connect app on your Android/iOS device will help complete your connection to your Keon, but you can still play all our scripts and VR content fully through your Valve headset on your PC if you followed the exact steps in the guide: → Option 2 - Mobile Method:


Android / iOS device steps

1 - Install and launch the Haptics Connect app for Android or iOS and Log in

  • Allow ALL permissions when prompted (Also Turn OFF the ‘Remove permissions if app isn’t used’ option)
  • Turn ON ‘Location’ and ‘Bluetooth’ in your phone settings.

2 - Click the ‘Devices’ Tab → Scan to connect your Toy
3 - Open Chrome browser on the same device, visit and Log in
4 - Click your SLR profile button → Click on the ‘Connect SLR to HC App’ DEEPLINK button

VR headset steps

5 - Launch the DEOVR app, Type in in the DeoVR browser, and Log in
6 - Click Settings → Go to ‘Haptics’ Tab → Toggle “Connect to SLR Interactive / Haptics Connect” option ON
7 - Thats it! Now Play any Sex Toy Supported Video and Enjoy Next Level Immersion!

Can you let me know if that didnt work or if there is any confusion with any of the steps and I can try to help you get it working?