Stroker Device Integration with Minecraft

I know everyone is too scared to ask, so I’ll do it, don’t worry. :sunglasses:
What do we think of device integration for Minecraft? I know there are mods that work with vibrating toys, but what about strokers? And if this doesn’t already exist (which it doesn’t as far as I can tell), would anyone be willing to bite the bullet?

Also, this is my first non-script post, so sorry if I screwed it up! This is a very important issue though, so I HAD to make a post about it.

Afraid to even ask but what kind of implementation are you imagining exactly?

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I was thinking of there being some slow filler strokes (that can be enabled or disabled and can have the length manually adjusted). If you take damage it will stroke quickly for a second. The lower your health is, the faster the filler is and the more length it has.

A few more ideas include the filler increasing in speed and/or length minimally when you mine blocks or do other mundane tasks.

I would love to hear other ideas, too!

Don’t know if you’re still looking or if you’ve found this already.