Subject character limit exceeded
When adding new scripts to my portfolio, I encountered this problem.
Is it possible to expand this limitation? Or maybe someone knows how to make it more compact, while maintaining the current appearance?

I gave it a look and you can save a bit (approx. 20%) by making jpg/gif names shorter. You can also remove the size tag for the headings if you want to and replace html “Hide Details” with Markdown substitute.

Additionally, you can read a little about Markdown and how it replaces HTML here, you might be able to find more ways to shorten your post this way. Links:

Below is a short comparison of one of your first linked scripts:

Long version:

# **[size=6]2D Scripts[/size]**
## **Abella Anderson**
![Abella Anderson|666x500, 50%](upload://eG06wW33b9eIWeSEfcaAFhAxtWB.jpeg)
	<summary>Abella Anderson scripts</summary>                                                                      
<a href="">
Abella Anderson - Ultimate Fuck Toy

![Abella Anderson - Ultimate Fuck Toy_00_01_48.166|690x388](upload://3YkQZ8NtUcGuwbpgGYUBnnT8NZG.jpeg)


Short version:

# **2D Scripts**
## **Abella Anderson**
![Abella|666x500, 50%](upload://eG06wW33b9eIWeSEfcaAFhAxtWB.jpeg)

[details="Abella Anderson scripts"]
[Abella Anderson - Ultimate Fuck Toy](

we’ve already raised the character limit quite a lot from the default, and I recall discourse recommends not increasing this too much for performance reasons.

as a workaround, you could utilize replies for more space. If you already have some replies, we could prob delete them to make space for you.

Overall, it seems like discourse isn’t built for super long posts, and at some point I wonder if embedding a google sheet or something would be more appropriate.

This may solve the problem but not for long, later I will still run into a limitation.
Most of the blocks in the profile have the same structure, perhaps it would be possible not to rewrite them every time, but to refer to the past one.
But I have only basic knowledge of html and css and many features don’t work here

responses do not support a table of contents. maybe the best option would be to just create a second portfolio page

There is more to be reduced!

I dont know if base url usage can be done here (the site doesnt use the <base> tag, so maybe that has to be added then, but normaly this should work).

But if the base url is set, this:

can then be shortened to


Which can be another reduction.

But the most important url reduction is simply removing the title from the url:

Now imagine if both worked


That would be a massive reduction in url length.

i do wonder if discourse does anything like auto-bake it into the full urls or not. Or if there’s any potential brittleness of the links if we ever have to change site URL

I think this is fully browser handling by default. Anything that has the protocol in front of it, will be considered a full link, anything else is always considered relative.

It will always function properly in discourse. It only can break if the link doesnt have the base url (and becomes relative). But upon testing, i think the browser already does properly handle the base url if its missing:


(yes, this links to this same thread)

So its most likely not needed to change this as it already allows a very efficient compression in length.

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