Succubus Reborn by Sda labs

Came across a couple of videos on rule34video for this game and after looking around, I found out its a card game so I decided to give it a try.

After noticing a folder called ‘IntifaceCli’ in the games folder structure, I found that the game already has Bluetooth toy integration that supports the devices A10 Piston/SA and U.F.O TW. Seeing that, I tried the handy in Bluetooth mode and surprisingly… it connected. Then I did a couple quick test but nothing too extensive and It seems to work and sync up correctly so far.

Here are some links if you wanna give the game a try and support.
You can also find translations on F95zone.


Really makes you wonder if there are more games with hidden Bluetooth connectivity or toy integration.


I’ve spoken about this game before, in fact, I was the one who requested handy support and didn’t actually expect to see it added


I’ve tested this for an hour or two, and it works well. Maybe the topic should be moved to game category?


Moved to game mod category
Didn’t realize regulars could also do that.

This game is awesome, pretty complex to learn at first but a lot of fun, there are dozens of translations for it on the web but I could never personally get them to work. Still had fun with it tho.

work with sr6/osr2?

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Does anyone know how you’re meant to progress through the overworld? I see Boss Room and Demon Castle but I’m not sure if they unlock new regions or what?

This is a beta with no story content. There is no progression until full release.

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Thank you so much for letting me know! I guess battling random decks from the internet is going to be the most fun for now. :pray:

Boss Room and Castle are work-in-progress mod features, rather than original game content, to add to what misnyaa said. Full release with progression is being developed as a separate game, for some dumb reason.

This game looks interesting, unfortunately I haven’t found a way to make osr2 work with it yet.

Intiface is set to look for Bluetooth devices in Succubus Reborn_Data/IntifaceCLI.bat file, I think. You may need to edit the command in the file to make it work with OSR2, if your device is not connected to the PC via Bluetooth.

it doesn’t work while connected to osr2

i fix this, you need to use bluetooth as T-code.

Yes it said it’s bluetooth but it actually is T-code

…\SuccubusReborn\Succubus Reborn_Data\IntifaceCLI.bat

@echo off
cd /d %~dp0
cd …\IntifaceCLI
intiface-engine.exe --websocket-port %1 --use-bluetooth-le --device-config-file C:\Users[Your ID]\AppData\Roaming\com.nonpolynomial\intiface_central\config\buttplug-device-config.json --use-serial