Suggest not commun VR video to script

Hi, I’m looking for VR video that I can script.

I’m looking for some not commun videos :

  • Video with High heel during a long part of it. Not removed when fun start
  • Video with funny scenario not mainstream one.
  • Public stuff / Voyeur
  • Video with this position


  • Video with femdom jerking cock then stopping …

If you have VR video in this still or really not commun stuff, feel free to share it here I will have a look to it

xVirtual is the number one for not commun and “funny” stuff.

Some with heels:

And the number one for femdom stuff:

kink VR has two lauren philips scenes where she dominates you.
Also i have scripted a scene with mistress kennya and mistress saida edging a tommy torso i know they made a second VR scene together but have no idea if they jerked the tommy torso.

FMM scenario where high heels stay on:

Femdom T&D:

Mainstream scenario but heels stay on:

Eyes Wide Shut scenario- Masks stay on during whole scene; high heels partly

Pegging + sex - there are no scripts for this niche as far as I know:

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