Suggest VR video to script with fetish theme - read the instructions first


It’s a pain to find videos with specific themes and since I’m in the mood to script something fetish-ish and I need suggestions from you (read I’m too lazy to spend a lot of time searching myself).

What I’m looking for are videos with one or more of the following:

  • Fetish outfits/clothing. This can be quite broad definition:

    • Goth
    • Latex
    • Leather
    • Possibly horror, but I still want to see an attractive girl that isn’t hidden behind monster makeup/latex mask.
  • Soft bondage (rope, devices, cuffs, …)

  • Verbal, e.g. femdom/obedience/submissive talk through out the video, not just a few minutes in the beginning

Some stuff is excluded:

  • No general cosplay, typically most (but probably not all) VRCosplayX videos.
  • No Czech VR Fetish since they provide their own scripts.
  • No step family

Basically, I’m looking for something that isn’t the ordinary everyday porn video.

KinkVR might sound like the obvious choice here, but most videos I’ve seen have too much downtime and would require fillers in the gaps to be enjoyable. I also think that most don’t have access to such videos unless they have been released on POVR.

So if you recall a video that you liked matching the above then please post it here.

There are probably a bunch of DarkRoomVR videos, and maybe VirtualTaboo too, but there isn’t any suitable tags to filter on so manual search is needed.

Some videos that I’ve found so far:

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I went through my collection once and found a few things that fit the criteria well. At VirtualTaboo almost everything is stepfamily related somehow. At KinkVR there is actually only one scene without the big filler needed.

Here is the list:

BadoinkVR - Tie The Knot - Lindsey Cruz:

My highlights from the list are Tie The Knot, which is to my knowledge it is the only POV bondage VR scene in existance, and newly released BDSM: Submissive Anal Holes.

Maybe you like something from the list :crossed_fingers:
Already as always: Thank you!

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@linuxguy There are two fantastic Czech VR Fetish videos if you have missed them.

I asked Czech VR if they would do more like this and their answer was that they don’t have access to the guy (or anyone else) who did the ties anymore so it’s unlikely. Since these videos are numbered 148 and 153 and they are at 330+ right now I guess we won’t see more of it.

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I completely forgot about these two :scream: :exploding_head:

Damn! It’s a shame they haven’t been able to make any more so far.

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This was obviously not a popular genre or there just aren’t much videos unless I added too many constraints on the selection. Who knows.

I keep the topic open a few more days and we’ll see if this remains a flop. Meanwhile I’m scripting Schizoid Twins, mainly because I’ve had the video stored on my NAS for ages and I like the Dellai twins. It’s also very short where only 16 min needs scripting.

I think it’s a combination of there not being a ton of this stuff available in general, particularly outside of CzechVR, and the fact that (at least in my brief searching) there’s a remarkable amount of overlap between dominance-themed videos and stepfamily videos. Or at least on VirtualTaboo and DarkRoomVR there seems to be a good amount.

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I guess you are right. Partly that’s the reason why I asked the community since I haven’t many videos stored already and searching for “new ones” can be a daunting task due to the sheer number of studios. There are at least 50+ studios if you count the smaller ones and not the best tools to search with at all times.

I looked at WankItNowVR to see if there were any suitable JOI femdom talk videos, but their categories were only dirty talk (which resulted in 100+ videos) and dungeon (1 video). Anyways, I appreciate the interactions with the community. It’s more fun than just selecting a video yourself (especially when you lack inspiration) or browse through script requests. However, I should probably pick an easier category next time or do polls instead.


What I’m leaning on at the moment:
BadoinkVR - Tie The Knot - Lindsey Cruz: I’ve completely forgot about this video. It looks interesting.
RealJamVR - BDSM: Submissive Anal Holes: That is also interesting, but it’s long, 1h+ and it’s almost all action. Lexi has been a favorite for a long time, which is a plus. On the other side, I’m not that fond of Alexis for some reason, at least not in when she is in B/G videos.

Without KinkVR it is really hard to find not scripted stuff:

Maybe some kind of fetish?

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VirtualTaboo - Catex with Julia Roca: Never watched it, but definitely look interesting. It’s easy to dismiss or simply forget about these old productions (2016 in this case). As usual the age comes with the drawback that it’s only shot in 3K.

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This one was one of my favorites last year can’t go wrong with Vanna neither

Did you check this video is still online ? Because if i am not wrong, the credit card comp Epoch has been deleted some of the twin videos a little while ago. Maybe, your video could not be reacheable today ?

There is a dedicated studio for this kinda things KinkVr. Did you check their catalouge ?

As I wrote in the first post, their videos have too much breaks/downtime to be enjoyed with scripts. Almost all videos need a lot of filler strokes (IMHO). It’s too time consuming to find the few that don’t.

No, as I said, it has been on my NAS for a long time.

The video is still available on SLR. They just renamed it :rofl:

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Ooh, I did discard this one because it’s technically family, but maybe not in the way you mean since I think you’re the one responsible for their (imo legendary) VirtualTaboo release! The Delai and Zee Twins did another video together for DarkRoomVR with their typical sort of “reluctance-to-non-reluctance” approach.

I guess I’ll also mention VR Bangers’ Stolen videos, though I’m guessing you’re aware of that. The first part of the first one already has a script (it’s solid, though as I recall maybe a little short on stroke length?), but the second half where the women are in charge does not. I think Cerbere might have had one he finished months and months ago, but it’s been so long that at this point I assume it’s not going to see the light of day.

The “sequel”, as it were, falls solidly afoul of the stepfamily rule as it involves a step-daughter who helps bring girls in to get dosed with aphrodisiacs or something leading to a weird semi-consensual orgy. Not a typical step-family situation, but it’s definitely there.

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Stolen Directors Cut has been in my mind to script before, but since it had a script (although partial) I never got around to it. There are so much available that is unscripted and I didn’t know if the script would be completed at a later point. The video is about 1,5h long as well, but there are of course a lot of time that doesn’t require a script in that one since it actually has a story in it and not just off with the clothes and f*ck.

Even if I like Ana Foxxx, Vanna Bardot and Emily Willis, Stolen The American Whore Story was a disappointment to me, mainly because I’m not fond of the 80’s theme (bright colored plastic earrings, leg warmers, hair styles etc.). I never thought much of the step family thing in that one. Step family is not an issue for me and I’ve scripted that before. It was more to limit the choices since step family is rather standard except the step-part of the “story”.

Yes, I’ve scripted the Virtual Taboo video with the Dellai and Zee twins. I think the DarkRoomVR one came out just days after the release of the Virtual Taboo video. I assume they filmed both at the same time as well as the girls only variants. However, I skipped the DarkRoomVR one at that time since I’ve already scripted the VirtualTaboo version. It felt a bit like a repetition of what I’ve just scripted, but I’ll will have a look at it again. Maybe I feel differently now.

Anyways, thanks for your contributions!

lol. kudos for doublevr