Suggestion: tags for anal gape/prolapse

Can it please be a requirement that videos that feature anal gaping or prolapse material are tagged as such?

Each to their own, of course, but I want to know if something I’m watching contains that because I won’t bother with it if it does.

A simple tag I can add to my ignore list would work.


Tag creation, simple.

Getting people to tag content… :upside_down_face:

I created them so they are available for use.

Noted, my last script had that prolapse action, didn’t think people needed a warning though, why do you not like it?

From a personal perspective - and without judgement on those who do like it - I just find it revolting.

It actually works against immersion, because that kind of stuff doesn’t happen in the real world. So it reminds me I’m watching abnormal porn, which I find distracting.

Ultimately I think it’s extreme and alienating enough to warrant a tag so people can filter it out (or in).


Ok fair enough, personally I’m Indifferent to it. I would be up for a new tag. Although since I’ve joined I haven’t come across it yet other than my video.