Suggestions for a VR Subscription?

I’ve been curious about picking up a subscription to one of the VR porn sites out there. I like to have a variety of different genres to watch, and of course, access to videos with scripts made for them. Are there any that are definitely superior? Any I should avoid?


I’d recommend SLR or Czech VR

I never subbed to Czech VR though, so I can’t say much. I plan on once I get my G2. They have 8k videos, which are stunning. You can download previews there. I am not 100% sure, but there also scripts and I even think they come with the video. Correct me if I am wrong. From what I see, there are a lot of different kind of videos and there is enough variety. A bit plus for Czech VR is, that you get access to the Czech Network. Czech VR casting and Czech VR fetish. So even more variety.

SLR is always great. Lots of variety because of the different studios. A lot of videos. You can filter everything and look specifically for interactive videos. The scripts aren’t free though and cost from 3 to 5. Also a lot of high quality videos and some 7k videos. Also the SLR app is great. But you (at least I can’t) stream 5, 6 or 7k videos, they tend to lack. So for the best quality you have to download videos. They can be pretty huge in file size. I am using an external hard drive and download some video I really like to keep as well as interactive videos.

Both are great. If you don’t mind paying, test both or test one platform for one month and the other platform the other month.


I ask the same question a nothing more than sexlikereal and
Both are good. But you have to download the czechvr video and the script (not all have teledonics but many! And everything is in the subscription ) where sexlikereal you need the premium and buy script one by one(sad :().

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I tried pretty much everything there is. I liked WankzVR the least (but thats mostly because i enjoy big boobs in vr, and wankzvr seems to specalise on small boobs :smiley: )

One big advancement is that you subscribe to 3 sites, when you subscribe chechvr. A fetish and “amateur” vr site is included.

I think my favorite was Virtal Real Porn - but i dont know if they include scripts.

@fckthwrld I dont think most of VRP’s content nowadays includes funscripts or similar. I only heard of some deal they had with kiiroo devices or something.

But i rely on external script sources like eroscripts anyways. more than 100 scripts are enough for me

I thought so, yes. I will get my Handy tomorrow and am really keen to see how big the difference between professional scripts and user made scripts is :slight_smile:

oh , the usermade scripts from the good scripters here are reallly really good :slight_smile:

I habe ask navr if they can do fundcript instead of feelme (bad sync system). This is not in the roadmap… sad…
But i think wankvr yiu don’t have fundcript on the website… only feelme… bad sync system…

Maybe NaughtyAmericaVR is something for you. Lots of big boobs in their videos on all kinds of girls.

But only feelme… no funscript by default… :(…
The best will be a converter for wankvr and navr… :/…

Don´t really know what you mean with huge file size … :rofl:



If your wife find it … x’D

Interactive VR Porn with Sex Toys - The Handy, Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch VR, Kiiroo Keon and others is probably what you are really looking for

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I love the idea of SLR, but the subscription is pretty pricy.

Can someone tell me if the monthly sub in SLR (24.99 w/promo) has some sort of minimum contract term or if it would be possible for me to end the subscription after one month.
I dont seem to find anything on the official site about that.
Because i dont seem to see the differnece between the monthly sub an the “one time access for 30 days”.
Thx in advance

everyone time someone asks this question I have to go watch this :slight_smile:

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I’m going to be forward and say that I am bias, because I work for CzechVR, so it’s clear what I would suggest. Then only thing I will mention is, that we currently have around 270 scripts that we consider free to share and are, of course, also available in our member’s section as a bonus to our HC videos for everyone who uses teledildonics.


@Lupus An off topic question: Are you going to make more HC shoots for CzechVRfetish like the ones with Angel Wicky or my favorite Lola Fae - slave girl ready to serve ?

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Probaly no something like Lola Fae (we don’t have new rigger). We will continue with latex shooting without BDSM/Slave parts.


So basically no more HC shoots :cry: Thanks for the reply though. I hope it will change in the future.